Buyers April 4, 2017

Investing in Commercial Property: What You Need to Know

Ask any real estate professional and you will find that investing in commercial property is much better than investing in residential real estate. With commercial property, you stand to gain additional cash flow, enjoy economies of scale, and generally get a higher payoff among other benefits. 

But investing in commercial property is a bit different from investing in residential real estate. So, before making a decision to invest in this industry, its good to understand some key points of investing in commercial property.


Here is a glimpse of what you need to know before investing in Commercial Property:


  • Price – Prices of commercial property are always fluctuating now and then. So, having insight on the market prices will help you when it comes to investing in commercial property. Always invest when the prices are favorable so you can get great returns in the long run. 
  • Location – It is recommended that you pick commercial properties in densely populated areas and with high growth potential. That way, you can be assured your rentals won’t be empty for long. Also, try to find a property that has access to basic amenities such as shopping malls, schools and restaurants. 
  • Market Conditions – The market condition of the place you plan on investing in is very crucial. To get an idea, look at both the past and future market trends of that location. It is always advisable to do research ahead so you can have confidence when investing.


Luckily for potential investors in the Boise, Idaho area, the market conditions are promising.


  • Appreciation – Generally, commercial properties are sold after a few years. In order to get better returns on your investment, it is recommended that you hold on to your property for a couple of years. Holding on to your commercial property will earn you better cash flow and long term capital gain. 
  • Risk –Investing in commercial property is riskier than investing in residential property. This is mainly because finding a tenant for a commercial building is a little harder than finding a tenant for residential property. Therefore, if you want higher returns, always incorporate the aspect of risk in the price of your property.  For example, you can always pass on rental outgoings such as council rates and water rates to the tenants.

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