The News January 12, 2018

Welcoming Our Newest Associate – David McCarter!

We are thrilled to introduce to you another one of our newest Associates joining the Amherst Madison family, David McCarter! David’s exceptional work ethic and his empathetic approach to sales and service is what makes his clients feel just like family when they work with him. We couldn’t be happier to have him join the team!


David McCarter was born in Boise and raised to believe that the best thing a person can be is of use. As a full time, single father of two teenage sons, David spends much of his free time participating in his boy’s soccer teams, boy scouts, wood-working and building sandwiches. His focus on family extends to the community through his empathetic approach to sales and service, treating his clients as his own family. 


David officially joined the work force at the age of 11 collecting work experiences like baseball cards; beginning with picking watermelons, delivering news papers and joining the family business, McCarter-Moorhouse Construction, in 1991. David acquired professional experience in multiple areas of construction, sales, consulting and customer service. When his father retired from the business, David moved on to gain more diverse experiences in sales and service within a wide range of industries while moonlighting as an artist, handyman and a karaoke DJ which transitioned into a fairly successful show with a local, country radio station as his alter ego Carter Davis on the “Redneck Yacht Club”. David now joins Amherst Madison Legacy to combine his experience with his passion for service and living indoors.