The News March 2, 2018

Welcoming Our Newest Associate – Gretchen Hill!

We have a new Associate joining the family, once again!

We are so proud to introduce Gretchen Hill as our newest Associate here at Amherst Madison! Gretchen has built an incredibly successful real estate business in Northern California and with her background in Marketing & Design, she brings a savvy and creative aspect to the real estate sales process. We are so happy to have her and we’re excited to see her business take off here in the Treasure Valley!


Gretchen Hill comes to Amherst Madison from Los Gatos California where she built a Successful Real Estate business with Alain Pinel Realtors. After visiting for years, moving to Boise has been a complete Joy. Finding the novelties of the area has made her an expert in how to enjoy the Treasure Valley to its fullest.


With a background in Marketing and Design, Gretchen Hill brings a savvy and creative aspect to the Real Estate Sales process.  Gretchen believes good communication is the key to relationships and creating great trust with her clients is her priority.  Her understanding of the Real Estate Sales and Buying Procedures, from the clients perspective has given her an excellent reputation.


The exceptional experience that she provides to her clients is a reflection of her past roles in Marketing, Design and Customer Service. Thanks to her tireless service to her clients, seasoned and tenacious negotiating skills, and market leadership she implements a strong program for clients success.