A lot of people don’t love the house that they live in. It’s perfectly normal to not be perfectly happy with your digs, but that doesn’t always mean it’s time to pack up and move on to greener pastures. There are some instances, however, that absolutely warrant the search for a new home. Whether you currently own your home or are renting, sometimes you’ve just got to go. Here are some of the deal breakers that might make you want to dust off the ol’ credit report and get to house shopping for your New Year’s resolution.


1. You Feel Like You’re Living in a Shoe Box

A small house isn’t always a negative thing. It means lower utility bills, less to clean, and it probably means that your in-laws don’t come to visit as often. If you’re feeling closed in by your small space, though, moving into a bigger, or even just a more open, home might provide you the arm space you so desire.


2. Your Neighbors are Obnoxious

Do you feel like a prisoner in your own home because you’re trying to avoid your neighbors? Do they keep you up at night with loud noises? Do they complain about absolutely everything you do in or around your home, or are they just annoying busybodies? Whatever the issue, crummy neighbors are the pits. If it doesn’t look like they’re leaving any time soon, you might consider making a move.


3. Your Finances Have Changed

Whether it’s for the better or the worse, changing finances are one of the top reasons people move. If you’re making more money, you might want to upgrade to a nicer or larger house that will allow for more quality time entertaining friends and family. If you’re making less, it might prove to eliminate a lot of stress in your life to find housing that’s less expensive. Making sure your housing budget matches your income, if it doesn’t already, is a perfect resolution for you.


4. You’re Getting Older and Your Home No Longer Suits Your Needs

Maybe all the kids have moved out and you’re sick of cleaning multiple spare bedrooms, never mind spending extra money on that extraneous square footage. Maybe it’s getting more difficult to get around your home and you’ll have to either make some big changes to it in the near future or find a new one. As we get older, the things that made a home appealing change, and it’s oftentimes more practical to embrace a new house than it is to try to fit into the old one.


5. You’re Seeking Change Elsewhere in Your Life

If you’re contemplating big life changes for next year, it might be the perfect time to change where you live, as well. Changing jobs might require you to move to a new city or even a new state. If you’re just looking for a fresh start, a new home in a new area is a great place to start. Maybe you’re planning on adding to the family. Whether your additions are two-legged or four-legged, if your current home can’t accommodate more family members comfortably, buying a new home might be an ideal goal for you this year.

6. It’s the Right Time for You to Own Your Own Home

Home ownership is an exciting goal for a lot of people. Whether you want to own your own home because you don’t want to throw away money on rent or simply because you want more freedom to do as you wish with the house (i.e., paint the kitchen bright orange or adopt four dogs), it might be time to begin pursuing your dream if you’re financially and mentally ready for the move.

7. You Want to Be Closer to Family (Or Maybe Further Away)

If you’ve made it your mission to see more of your family this year and distance makes that difficult, you might consider moving closer to them. People often find that they’ve squandered the time they’ve been given, not making enough of an effort to see the people they love regularly, but if you live very nearby, it’s no big deal to drop in once a week for family dinner. Bonus: If you buy a house with a nice space for entertaining, you can even host the family get-togethers.

If you’re determined to get a little separation, moving may still be the answer. It can be difficult to find yourself when you’re living in close quarters with family. Some people find that they need to strike out on their own in order to get in touch with who they are outside of their own family circle. This is especially true for new couples, who may find that their relationship develops more naturally out from under the likely well-meaning but sometimes overbearing thumbs of family members.

In Conclusion

If your New Year’s Resolution leads you in the direction of a new home, definitely consider obtaining a real estate professional’s help. Feel free to contact us to get your house search underway!


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