AgentsNick SchlekewaySocial Mission - A Giving Circle November 14, 2020

Rake Up Boise 2020

On November 14 th over 25 representatives of Amherst Madison volunteered to participate in
the 35th annual Rake Up Boise event. Rake Up Boise is an event put on each year by Neighbor
Works that gets volunteers out into the community to help rake up leaves from the yards of
homeowners who are either disabled or too old to care for their own yards. Rake Up Boise not
only helps Elderly/disabled residents maintain their yards, but it helps to revitalize treasure
valley neighborhoods while removing safety hazards for everyone. Last year Rake Up Boise saw 6,721
Volunteers who helped rake 954 yards spanning over 12 different zip codes!

Among the volunteers from Amherst Madison are CEO Nick Schlekeway along with many of
Amherst Madison’s top agents including Eva Steinwald, Lauren Sawyer, and
Tyler Horn. While all of these agents lead very busy lives, the opportunity to step up and help
residents of the treasure valley is a chance that they will not miss.

Amherst-Madison was built upon a philanthropic core, and as CEO Nick Schlekeway has said,
“being a local real estate brokerage, Amherst Madison owes everything to the Treasure Valley.
Our community has blessed us with the opportunity to thrive and it is our distinct pleasure to
pay it forward.” Amherst Madison’s obligation to the communities it works in is something that
has never been taken lightly and has been embodied through the work done with their own
charitable event “A Giving Circle.”

A Giving Circle is a charitable event hosted once a year that aims to raise money for local non-
profit organizations inside of the treasure valley. In its first two years alone, A Giving Circle has
already raised over $300,000 towards their initial goal of raising over $1,000,000 for the
Treasure Valley.

The opportunity to continue paying it forward is something that is not lost on one of Amherst
Madison’s top producing teams. When we asked Austin Dixon of Team Pennecard why Rake Up Boise is so important,
he said, “Rake up Boise is so special because of the immediate impact that it makes.
With how busy all of our lives often are, it might be easier to simply donate money, however
the opportunity for us to be hands-on in the community and give some of our time allows us to
see first-hand the change we are making. By giving two hours of our lives we can help make a
world of difference in someone elses!”

On November 14th Amherst-Madison’s volunteers will gave up their Saturday morning to help make the
Treasure Valley a better place to call home, one leaf at a time.