Agents September 16, 2016

Seven Realtor Technology Trends

Recently, at INMAN Connect San Francisco, National Speaker and Tech Guru Kristi Kennelly presented 7 Technology Tips and Trends that are reshaping our potential as Realtors to execute our profession. They have been summarized below for your reading pleasure.


  1. LINKEDIN Contact Export – How many of us have dozens, if not hundreds, of LinkedIN contacts? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to leverage that network to your advantage (at least to a greater extent)? Here is a step by step process for exporting your LinkedIN contacts to a spreadsheet format (which can then be uploaded into your CRM of choice):

  • Log in to your LinkedIN account and navigate to “My Network”, then “Connections”, then “Settings” and finally, “Contact Export”.
  • The “Settings” button is the “Gear” button in the upper right corner:

  • Once you have the contacts exported into a spreadsheet; you are able to import them into your CRM of choice and begin marketing!
  • Take this process to the “Next Level” by setting up a landing page and gathering more contact information in exchange for a value add (information)


2. Google Alerts: Would you like to track your listings and be alerted if anyone was attempting to market them without your permission? An example would be the recent scams involving those who market for sale listings as rental properties on craigslist in order to defraud potential renters.

  • Google Alerts – Navigate to and insert the address of your listing. Note, Google Alerts have many applications and uses outside of this example.


3. GBoard (From Google): GBoard is a mobile app which allows for Google searches within a text chain. You no longer have to leave your text chain to look something up on google and then return to the text chain to forward information (or copy and paste). How many times have we all done this to look up restaurants or real estate vendors?


4. Wouldn’t it be nice to know more details about contacts and leads, prior to reaching out to them for follow up? Perhaps the contact is even someone that you met at a social event, but all you were able to capture is their email address or business card.PIPL.comto the rescue. is a comprehensive people search which can reveal personal information such as schools attended, jobs held, properties, and more.

  • If you are interested in PIPL; also check out Spokeo & Charlie


5. Videos: Video can often be the most rapid and effective medium in which to communicate a message or teach a subject online. Yet, who has time to come up with all of this stuff and make it look good? does and they have released a free resource from which we can all benefit. Do yourself a favor and check out This is a resource for instructional videos that you can put on your website by simply copy and pasting the Embed code, as appropriate.

  • Videos include home buying and home selling tips, TV ads, mortgage 101, DIY 101, and more


6. Find Someone: Have you ever pulled up your phone contact records to find a specific vendor (contractor for example) to recommend to a client or co-worker; only to discover you cannot remember that persons name (but you would know it if you saw it)? Try saving that person’s professional title as a part of their name in your phone record. For example, Bob Smith the contractor becomes “Contractor Bob” in your phone records. In this way, you only need to search for “Contractor” to pull him up.


7. Namerick: Speaking of names, who can remember them all anyways!? Namerick is here to help. Namerick is an APP built to help you remember the names of those you meet. You simply plug in a few of the descriptive terms of people you meet (such as where and how you met them) and Namerick will spit out a naming convention by which you can remember that person. Try it out!


I hope that you find these tips helpful! If you are an INMAN subscriber you can also watch the video from Kristi Kennelly at