Buyers April 18, 2017

Common Mistakes Buyers Make in a Seller’s Market

It is common to find many buyers making one or several mistakes when looking for a house in a seller’s market. Why? Simply because they don’t understand how the technicalities of a seller’s market work. If you are looking for a house in the Boise, Idaho area, learn from these few mistakes and you will be able to make a sound decision when buying your home. 


Here are the critical mistakes you can make in a sellers market and how to avoid them: 


  • Acting out of desperation – When you realize that houses in your area of your choice are getting buyers each and every day, you may get into a panic mode and end up with desperation. However, please note that there is no room for desperation or panic in a seller’s market. If you make a mistake of panicking, you may end up buying a house that you didn’t really want in the first place.
  • Hesitating – It is really devastating to see good houses come and go just because you are hesitant to make an offer. When there is a hot market, buyers are always looking to buy houses and so if you delay, you might just miss the best houses. Always have your paperwork up to date and make sure your loan approval has not expired so that you can just make an offer on the day you see a good house.
  • Expecting prices to go down in a seller’s market – In most cases, it is recommended that you bargain prices before making your offer. However, making a low offer may make you lose the house especially if you are in a seller’s market. Remember, there are many more buyers in the market and that means competition is stiff. Always try to give a reasonable offer.
  • Thinking that you can negotiate and buy the house all by yourself – With so many information on the internet, you may think that you can just do everything by yourself. But, agents are not there just to help you find the house. They have knowhow of the market better than yourself because they have been in the business long enough. Additionally, they are able to present your offer to a seller in a way that is more likely to win. So, it ‘s always good to use an agent when finding a house. But don’t make the mistake of using an unexperienced agent.
  • Buying a house based on emotions – When people find a house they really like, it is easy to get carried away and forget some of the most vital tactics. You may love a house so much till the seller takes advantage of you and offers you a very high price. For that case, when you get into a seller’s marker always make decisions with your mind and not your heart.