Sellers May 18, 2017

Sell Now! Spring Tips for Treasure Valley Home Sellers

Selling your home in Treasure Valley can be rewarding experience, especially in today’s market. Getting the right real estate agent is essential for selling your home in Boise, Idaho.  Your realtor already knows the market value of your home; you need to understand the features qualified buyers want. It is a formula for appealing to a distinct buyer and getting the best sales price for the seller. 

Treasure Valley’s economic growth is bringing in buyers interested in ready-to-move-in homes. In Canyon County, Treasure Valley trends continue to have more buyers than homes for sale. The good news for sellers, the shortage of real estate inventory is driving the price higher. Just keep in mind, a seller’s market is ever changing and the buyer’s demand will always set the market price.


Marketable Selling Points for the Best Listing Price

Basics real estate selling points are location, neighborhood and size.  Added to these marketable features are the enhancements of your home, setting it apart from similar homes on the market. Favored highlights are closets, storage space and family areas for indoor and outdoor entertainment. More personalized designs include updated kitchens, bathrooms and workout areas. All of these features add value to the listing price and the buying decision for an interested buyer.


First Impressions Influence Buying Decisions

Treasure Valley buyers are looking for a comfortable home and a good investment. We all agree buying a home is a financial decision, but living a Boise lifestyle is an ambition. As buyers walk through the front door many immediately like it or not. Remove any clutter and open your home with a full view to the buyer’s life in your house.  It’s curb appeal from the inside.


Community Charm

Life in Boise offers year round activities with a variety of lifestyle amenities for growing families and professionals. For the nature lover and sports enthusiast; you’ll find hiking and biking trails with unbelievable views of the rivers and streams. Wait until winter and watch the landscapes change into snow-covered hills and mountains. 



The buying season has started in Boise and serious buyers are ready to walk through your home and prepared to make an offer.  Bottom-line, if you are looking to list your home, timing couldn’t be better. The low inventory has created a seller’s market and buyers know what they are looking. Add Boise’s economics and today’s buyers are in a position to make an offer.