Sellers June 12, 2017

It’s a home seller’s market! Are you ready?

Whether you’re dealing in gold, securities or collectibles, you know that the time to sell is when the market is hot, but favorable conditions won’t last forever. That sellers’ market could continue to expand for awhile, or it could immediately start to contract — as it inevitably must at some point in the fuzzy future. All you know for sure is that the time to make a decent profit is now.


Making the Case For Selling Your Home Now

It works the same way in the housing market. Buyers want your quality Boise area home now. If you’ve considered “eventually” selling your home, you might not find a time when the market is any hotter for sellers. Don’t take our word for it. In outlining housing sales trends for 2017, several experts told Forbes Magazine that prices for residential real estate would continue to escalate (though at a slower pace than in 2016) and that the credit market might loosen a bit for buyers.

 Closer to home, the Boise Business Review made several of the same predictions for this year. It’s expected that the greater availability of credit will put more millennials and first-time homebuyers in the market, and prices will continue to rise. You’ll also find additional market insight regarding premium Boise real estate here at the Amherst Madison Legacy Real Estate website. Use this information to determine what your home is worth today.


Getting Maximum Value

So how do you get the most out of your home if you’re considering selling?


Organize and Unclutter

Many homebuyers don’t have a lot of imagination, so they don’t realize (at least at an emotional level) that most of that mess and clutter will leave with the seller. Also, cleaner spaces look more spacious and inviting. So make sure your home is in pristine condition before you put it on the market.


Take Easy Steps to Updating

A few coats of paint won’t cost much or even take all that much time, but it’s an easy upgrade. Today’s homebuyers are busy. They might be two-income families who don’t have a lot of time or energy for doing the work themselves. These folks aren’t looking for a fixer-upper regardless of its potential, especially when shopping for premium Boise real estate. So invest a little and get a lot out of it.


Pay Special Attention to Your Kitchen

You don’t necessarily need to spend $10,000 or $20,000 or more to update your kitchen. New cabinets and appliances and a fresh coat of paint count as a major improvements to this vital room.


Questions and answers

If you’re interested in selling — or you simply have more questions on what your premium home might be worth in this hot housing market — call Amherst Madison Legacy Real Estate today. We’ve got expert answers, and there might be no better time to chat.