BuyersInvestment Properties June 26, 2017

Get Green! How To Be More Efficient and Save Money Doing It

The charm of a small town combined with the luxury and splendor of going green is what homeowners find in Boise, Idaho. Advanced technology and materials have developed eco-friendly home designs improving how we live without changing our lifestyles. Surrounded by nature in this valley, local construction is commitment to making an environmental impact. Residents in this popular neighborhood want cleaner air, high-tech conveniences, energy savings and an easier way of life.

Popular home designs focus on water conservation, energy efficiency and home technology.  Each of these features leaves a smaller footprint for the long term by improving the environment and our quality of life.


How to Be More Efficient

Passive Energy

Passive energy designs have been popular for years with the trend now becoming integrated into modern construction of residential and commercial properties. One example of passive energy efficiency is thermal enclosure design where features like walls and windows are installed properly and sealed correctly.  The engineering technique is precise and detailed, keeping window glass at internal temperatures. Using a thermal enclosure design in any home or style can be energy efficient and reduce the cost of heating and cooling. The most noticeable trait is the consistent air temperature making a home more comfortable compared to homes with temperatures that correspond to the external temperature changes.


Solar Panels

Solar panels have undergone changes to a response of interfering with the homes architectural design. Soon, thinner panel systems will be patterned as roofing shingles or part of the structure’s style design. Consider creating a covered patio or shaded outdoor corner using solar panels to fuel the home without changing the existing roof design. Depending on the city’s arrangement, systems’ generating more power than used can send the excess back to the grid crediting the homeowner—cost-effective return of investment.



Insulation goes green as homeowners demand energy efficiency from the roof and walls offering waterproofing and sound reductions. What makes this form of insulation work is its ability to fill any void and prevent even the flow of air from getting through the insulation. Similarly, homeowners looking for water conservation without giving up luxury will find stylish water rated fixtures that are insulated and sealed to prevent water loss. 



Going green is no longer a niche- it’s a better way to live. Luxury homeowners with an interest in green technology chose to make a difference. The trend is here to stay as the construction industry tailors green designs into Boise’s planned residential communities and renovations.