Agents August 21, 2020

Amherst Interview: Lauren Sawyer | Training That Makes a Difference

Grit is often more than just determination and endurance. It shows up not only quantitatively in forces of time spent and results attained, but in the abstract principles of the journey, including patience, passion and consistent effort. To show this we are showcasing the Amherst Madison agents who embody this both in their measurables and their commitment to being better than the status quo.


Enter Lauren Sawyer.


Lauren began her career as a part-time certified personal trainer, nutritional educator, and chef. She has always felt happy pursuing a path of healthy checks and balances. But in conversation with her husband, Jeremy, the life it provided fell short of their long-term goals. Retirement and investment were very real. They knew as time passed, the door to achieve those goals was slowly closing.


In 2017 Lauren embarked on a journey to obtain her Idaho real estate license as a viable solution to her family’s financial goals. She interviewed with the top brokerages in the Treasure Valley, only to find they didn’t fit the criteria for what she wanted to build her ideal real estate business.


After finishing pre-licensing coursework Lauren turned to Amherst Madison. Extended education and support were the differentiating factors in her decision.


“Nick and Eva were teaching ELEVATE training, and the agents in the class had a wide range of experience,” Lauren says. “They were all working together to be the best versions of themselves.  It felt like the place for me. Amherst Madison was offering so much more than other brokerages. The other brokerages were missing a solid training foundation, and Amherst Madison had exactly what I needed to jumpstart my career.”


From the day she started with Amherst Madison, Lauren has taken full control over all aspects of her business. When embarking your own business, you will face adversity, and she has learned to traverse the toughest of barriers.


“I’ve seen immense personal growth in my ability to handle difficult situations. To be a better agent, I need to learn something new with every transaction. Because of that drive, I’ve never been as successful as I am today.”


From 2018 where Lauren closed $2,613,800 within IMLS, she is on pace for her best year with potential growth of over 300 percent in just two years as an agent at Amherst Madison.


At Amherst Madison our Mission is simple – We believe clients deserve more from their REATORS®, REALTORS® deserve more from their brokerage, and the community deserves more from us all. Amherst Madison is on a mission to redefine what it means to add value to the real estate experience; before, during and long after the transaction.



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