Our Mission, Our Legacy, of Impact

"As a local real estate brokerage, Amherst Madison owes everything to the Treasure Valley. Our community has blessed us with the opportunity to thrive and it is our distinct pleasure to pay it forward. A Giving Circle, INC is the manifestation of our belief that ‘communities deserve more’ and of our ongoing mission to impact those communities."


Nick Schlekeway  |  Founder & CEO, Amherst Madison

Our Mission, Our Legacy, of Impact

Our Mission, Our Legacy, of Impact

We never looked at it as optional. Since the day we started at Amherst Madison, we saw giving back to the community as simply taking care of key stakeholders, much as we would do the same with customers and clients. In fact, we naturally took on the social mission as a key part of our foundation. A core value. To the point where we developed some disdain for the idea of “giving back” as most would define it: “An obligation born from unearned or unequal gifts and blessings.” Instead, as our passion for donating time and money grew, we began to see the truth that this was a necessary reinvestment. A reinvestment into our future. The agents, staff, and leadership at Amherst Madison founded and established A Giving Circle INC. as a 501(c)(3) and pushed it to the forefront of our Social Mission because we recognize the dire need for reinvestment. As a real estate brokerage, we quite literally sell community. Without healthy and thriving communities, there would be little interest for the real estate products we sell. In our industry and extending into the entire economy of the Treasure Valley anyone can see the truth that we owe success and prosperity to the health and vitality of this community which attracts people from all around the world looking for a better life. Our Social Mission is at the core of who we are and our people turn out immense resources of both time and money back into the community of the Treasure Valley which has been such a blessing to our organization and to us personally.

Amherst Madison & A Giving Circle have set the initial goal of raising over $1,000,000 for the Treasure Valley, and we are well on our way having raised over $300,000 in the last two years alone. Our agents selflessly donate portions of their commission throughout the entire year as well as donating their time and resources for our annual Gala. The concept of A Giving Circle brings together unites participatory philanthropy, friendly competition, direct giving, and a celebration of what unites all people. Every year we host a large gala downtown Boise which features several local beneficiaries who are nominated by Amherst Madison agents, staff, and leadership. The beneficiaries spend their evening building relationships with the hundreds of people in attendance and have the opportunity to present their mission on the main stage to a live audience. The audience then ranks the beneficiaries according to their heart, and the event funds are presented that very night to the represented groups.

A Giving Circle focuses on nonprofit causes which are local to the Treasure Valley. We make sure that all nonprofit attendees leave with a donation of some sort (not a winner-take-all), and that all of them have ample opportunity to expose the crowd to their cause.

Unique to this annual event is the combination of A Giving Circle with the Amherst Madison Holiday Gala & Awards Banquet. This is a wonderful celebration of our accomplished team, in addition to a giving event thrown in the truest of holiday spirit. The evening features a plated dinner, drinks, live auction, silent auction, wine wall, awards presentation, and of course the main event of A Giving Circle.


• On December 7, 2018 we held our first gala for A Giving Circle and we had a lofty goal of raising $100,000 for five local nonprofits. Not only did we reach our goal, we surpassed it and were able to raise $112,500 for Boise Rescue Mission, Boise’s Got Faith, Dress for Success, Feed the Gap and the Wyakin Foundation.

• On December 14th, 2019 we increased the scope and impact of this event and raised over $172,675 for our three local nonprofits - Boise Bicycle Project, Family Advocates and Idaho Backcountry Veterans.

• In the Spring of 2020, A Giving Circle made a dramatic and rapid pivot from hosting annual nonprofit gala(s) to addressing the immediate and pressing needs of our small business community during the COVID-19 Crisis. In a matter of weeks, AGC mobilized several fundraisers aimed at direct-action grants to local businesses who had been shut down. During the 90-day campaign, donors and supporters were able to raise and donate over $25,000 to 10 local companies in dire need of funding.


We are well on our way to achieving our initial goal of raising $1,000,000 for the Treasure Valley. A Giving Circle is a growing and evolving organization, as is Amherst Madison. Once we surpass our initial objective, we will reevaluate how this organization may best be utilized for building the health and vitality of our community. As we have moved deeper into this process and the organization evolves, members are donating more and more time to those in need. These investments of time and energy, while difficult to quantify, are often more impactful than monetary investment.

We invite you to reach out to us if you would like to be involved in this incredible event, this powerful cause, this evolving community of gracious hearts.  It is our humble pleasure to serve Boise and the Treasure Valley, Idaho.

The Mission

"The people at Amherst Madison are behind the mission of A Giving Circle to create a lasting legacy of reinvestment and sacrifice for our community which has been so good to us. Our initial goal is to curate, raise, and place over $1,000,000, right where the Treasure Valley needs it the most."


Boise Bicycle Project (BBP) | Logo

Boise Bicycle Project (BBP) functions as a bicycle recycling center as well as an educational workspace in a diverse and non-threatening atmosphere.
By refurbishing donated bicycles and teaching bicycle education, BBP strives to provide access to a reliable bicycle for transportation. Many of us experienced the empowerment and freedom of a bicycle at a young age and unfortunately, this is not a reality for many kids in our own community. BBP is committed to making this experience a reality for every kid in the Treasure Valley.

Family Advocates

Family Advocates is a private, independent 501 (c)(3) non-profit agency founded in 1978 and serving Southwest Idaho. Our founders saw the need to keep children out of the foster system and they established a long-term vision of seeing the end of child abuse in Idaho. Keeping families healthy, stable, and preventing child abuse from ever happening, was the foundation of the Family Advocates’ vision. This vision has evolved from a volunteer- based Home Visiting Program to our current Family Strengthening Program.

Idaho Backcountry Veterans

Idaho Backcountry Veterans (IBV) is an outdoor nonprofit created for our veterans to enjoy quality hunting, fishing and other sporting activities. Recently a study found that boreal forests emit a chemical that is beneficial to humans in a measurable way, to the point of even easing depression. Hunters have known this instinctively for thousands of years. Idaho Backcountry Veterans aims to get as many of our war impacted vets into this serene yet challenging environment as possible.


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