Agents Amherst Interview: Matt Weston | Can Open Doors Open Opportunities? Grit is more than just determination and endurance. It shows up not only quantitatively in forces of time spent and results attained, but in the abstract principles of patience, passion and consistent effort. As a tribute to our agents who uphold our values and embody the mission of Amherst Madison, we’re spotlighting those who excel […]
Agents Amherst Interview: Lauren Sawyer | Training That Makes a Difference Grit is often more than just determination and endurance. It shows up not only quantitatively in forces of time spent and results attained, but in the abstract principles of the journey, including patience, passion and consistent effort. To show this we are showcasing the Amherst Madison agents who embody this both in their measurables and […]
Agents Change Blog Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. – John F. Kennedy    35th American President   I would be beating a dead horse to say things are changing. We look around and see a lot of the same, yet none of it seems […]
The News COVID-19 Blog We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world. – Helen Keller    Author & Activist   I freaking hate patience! It’s probably my weakest trait. Being patient is very uncomfortable for me. I was that person you went on a date with and reached out to you the […]
Agents True Potential | The Mike T. Williams Story An Amherst Madison REALTOR® Case Study   Mike Williams, or as he demands to be addressed, “Mike T”, is a case study in Perseverance. He is one of the best humans you will ever meet. He has an infectious personality that will always alert you to its presence, and when Mike laughs, everyone laughs.  Mike has […]
Buyers Why Home Inspection Is Needed For Buyers And Sellers Buying or selling a home can be a long process. An important part of that process is the home inspection where a professional makes sure everything in the house is functioning properly and identifies needed repairs. We outlined our top reasons why you don’t want to skip over this step. Home Inspections For Buyers In the case […]
Agents Top Five Safety Tips For REALTORS® Serving Buyers And Sellers Eva Steinwald is a real estate agent and broker in Boise, Idaho, but her career has dovetailed with her other passion: martial arts. She became an agent in 1998, just a year after buying Idaho Martial Arts in Eagle. After a few years working as a real estate agent, I realized how unaware other agents […]
Agents A Winning Culture – Are You Built To Last? The Challenge of Scaling and Maintaining Strong Company Culture   Over the years you find yourself engrossed in certain topics of study, sometimes quite innocently and without intention, as it was with me and the subject of “culture”. I discovered in my late 20’s that I have always been curious about interpersonal dynamics inside an […]
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Press Amherst Madison Ranks No. 28 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 Amherst Madison Ranks No. 1 in Real Estate Category and No. 2 for Companies in State of Idaho   NEW YORK, August 14, 2019 – Inc. magazine today revealed that Amherst Madison is No. 28 on its annual Inc. 5000 list, the most prestigious ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies. This is Amherst Madison’s second consecutive appearance on the Inc. 5000. […]
Press A Giving Circle Announces 2019 Nonprofit Beneficiaries Amherst Madison Real Estate Brokerage Prepares For Year Two Of A Giving Circle   “We’ll raise a hundred thousand dollars for local nonprofits that are impacting our communities” he said. Nick Schlekeway, CEO and founding partner of Amherst Madison, raised some eyebrows late last year when he threw out the $100k figure to his partners, agents […]
Social Mission - A Giving Circle Wounded & Injured Veterans Find Spirit Animal Towards College & Career Wyakin Foundation Sees Record Program Enrollment To Support Veterans   “Breakfast burritos are my spirit animal” or something cute and quirky like that is quite commonplace to hear or read on social media these days. These popular alter ego, guardian mascots have a more serious origin. Spirit animals were originally named a “Wyakin”. Weyekin or Wyakin is a […]
Agents Idaho Real Estate Agent Named to America’s Top 1,000 Boise REALTOR® Matt Bauscher Makes “The Thousand” List   REAL Trends + Tom Ferry, as advertised in The Wall Street Journal, published the 14th annual The Thousand list of America’s top 1,000 real estate sales professionals and teams. An abridged list of the designees is published in a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal. Coming in at […]
Entrepreneur Fake It… And You Won’t Make It Owning Your Identity To Unlock Your Potential Some lessons are never completely mastered. The practice of mastery, the process of learning the same lesson in different facets of life, is the point, it would seem. For me, one lesson which has continued to challenge me is recognizing that faith drives results, not the other way around.  […]
Social Mission - A Giving Circle Fashion Truck Helps Idaho Women Get Hired A Giving Circle: Dress For Success Follow-up Sitting there on the front dash of the truck was a brown name plate, the kind you typically find on a very traditional office desk. It read, “This Girl Can”. That one simple phrase sums up the attitude of empowerment that Dress For Success gives to all women […]
Social Mission - A Giving Circle Boise Nonprofit Serves 1000 Meals A Day A Giving Circle: Boise Rescue Mission Follow-up “Three hots and a cot” was the tagline Reverend Bill Roscoe used to describe what the Boise Rescue Mission set out to provide back in 1958 when it first got started. A single white male with fewer than eight years of formal education was the typical vagrant that would […]
Entrepreneur The Greatness Gap What separates the “Good” from the “Great?” As I stood on the sideline, waves of exhaustion spread over me. Every significant muscle group in my body was vibrating and seizing up in cramps, desperate to rid itself of the lactic acid which had been building through the last four hours of extreme taxation, heavy blows, […]
Agents Real Trends: Ten Lessons from Industry Giants Take-Away & Action Items from Real Trends Gathering of Eagles So, there I was (couldn’t resist that opening) in a 360-degree glass room at the top of a high rise in downtown Denver, Colorado, surrounded by the best leaders and finest minds in residential real estate.  This group had come from all over the country, by-invitation, to […]
Entrepreneur This Is Your Story: Overcoming The Biggest Threat To Your Legacy An Article of Self Reflection and Finding Quiet Amidst the Noise of Social Media. How many of you remember your favorite storyteller? You know the one… the person you could sit and listen to for hours because they made your imagination light up, gave you peace, or filled your heart with laughter. I certainly remember […]
Press Boise Real Estate Brokerage Merger Commits to Raise $1M For Charity Amherst Madison Continues Path For Growth And Market Leading Agent Resources   In a private company meeting Nick Schlekeway, CEO and Founder of Amherst Madison real estate brokerage, announced to his agents and employees big news of an immediate brokerage merger. He shared that Front Street Brokers, another Boise based real estate brokerage, would be […]
Agents Boise Broker Carries Big Heart to Real Estate Community For the majority of the agents representing Amherst Madison at the Boise Regional REALTORS® annual awards gala it was a night of celebration and fun. For Eva Steinwald it was more reserved, knowing she would be on a 5 am flight the next morning.     The presenter read an accurate and heartfelt bio describing the winner ahead of time. Before […]