Quality of Life

We want our agents to have a high quality of life and our goal is to enhance their ability to do just that. It is not difficult to sell a few homes and make some fast money. A lot of people can do that for a year or two, but it is much more rare to be able to do it for a decade.  Building a profitable and sustainable real estate sales business that you are proud to stand behind is quite different from getting a license and selling a few properties.

A few items to consider:

    • How are your business practices impacting the quality of your life? How sustainable is that life?
    • How much do you enjoy the people around you every day and how do they help you become a better version of yourself?
    • Do your clients respect you? How often are they referring you to the people they love?
    • Are you getting to do the work you enjoy doing every day?

Average sales equates to average profitability for agents which is directly tied to their quality of life, which is central to our mission.  This is a key measure of brokerage impact and value to all of the agents, not just the few at the top.

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Agents: Our Customer

Our mission is to maximize the quality of life for our agents and serve them. Agents are our customer and the entire company was built with their success in mind. Decades of practical experience in the field has come together to form a brokerage that exists to put everything on the table to serve our customers (you). We are here to come alongside you and partner in our shared goal - your success.

We are intimately familiar with the pains and difficulty in trying to build a business on your own, without a tribe, and without the necessary resources to be competitive at the level you desire. The passion and driving force behind the team of staff and leadership assembled at Amherst Madison is to provide these solutions and resources to you so that you can be empowered to build the life you deserve.

Most REALTORS® choose to partner with Amherst Madison because they consider themselves to be trusted advisors to their clients, and they want to put themselves in the best possible environment to ensure their success in meeting their client’s needs. They are here because they love our industry and they believe in the power of home ownership to transform lives.



Amherst Madison agents follow consistent and industry-leading standards of practice for one reason - The Client Comes First.


Our Advisors maintain the highest annual productivity and highest average income levels of any Boise, Idaho brokerage.

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Michael T. Williams, Partner

 Although he has kept laughing, His road in the Boise real estate world has not always been a laughing matter. Mike, like so many of us, has faced incredible challenges as he has started his journey into what will no doubt be a tremendously successful and decorated career as a Realtor®.

Inspiration - The Eva Steinwald Story

CEO and Founder Nick Schlekeway shares, “It’s not just her knowledge and experience Eva brings to Amherst Madison every day, it’s her heart.”  From a childhood lived in the dark shadow of the Cold War, to a top producing real estate agent, coach, entrepreneur, and Broker of the Year; Eva's is a story of triumph and inspiration.

"Our Values" - Company & Agent Guide 2020

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We would love to know more about you and meet in person.  Complete this short form and we'll link you to our scheduling site.

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The day we started Amherst Madison, we saw giving back to the community as an integral part of our business. We naturally took this on as a social mission, and a crucial part of our foundation. A core value.

As a real estate brokerage, our business revolves around the community. If our communities are not healthy and thriving, there would be little interest in the real estate products we sell. We owe our success and prosperity to our communities’ health and vitality, which is why it is so essential for us to give back.

As our altruistic involvement in the community grew, we began to see non-profit work as a necessary reinvestment into our future. The agents, staff, and leadership at Amherst Madison founded and established A Giving Circle INC. as a 501(c)(3) and pushed it to the forefront of our social mission, recognizing our ability to make a difference.

The concept of A Giving Circle unites participatory philanthropy, friendly competition, direct giving, and a celebration of what unites all people. Every year we host a large gala downtown Boise which features several local beneficiaries nominated by Amherst Madison agents, staff, and leadership. The recipients spend their evening building relationships with the hundreds of people in attendance and have the opportunity to present their mission on the main stage to a live audience. The audience then ranks the beneficiaries according to their heart, and the event funds are given that very night to the represented groups. Since A Giving Circle focuses on non-profit causes that are local to the Treasure Valley, we make sure that all non-profit attendees leave with a donation of some sort, (not a winner-take-all) and have ample opportunity to expose the crowd to their cause.

Amherst Madison and A Giving Circle have set the initial goal of raising over $1,000,000 for the Treasure Valley, and we are well on our way, having raised over $275,000 in the last two years alone. Our agents selflessly donate portions of their commission throughout the year and give their time and resources for our annual Gala.

On December 7th, 2018, we held our first Gala for A Giving Circle, and we had a lofty goal of raising $100,000 for five local non-profits. Not only did we reach our goal, but surpassed it and were able to raise $112,500 for Boise Rescue Mission, Boise’s Got Faith, Dress for Success, Feed the Gap, and the Wyakin Foundation. – Nick Schlekeway, Founder