Looking for more value?

Value | The ROI You're Looking For!

No brokerage will pay you a salary. You pay your brokerage. What are you getting in return? The value at Amherst Madison is unparalleled.

  • Industry Leading Tech - customizable agent websites, CRM, electronic funding, full marketing suite, client presentations, transaction management & more...
  • The Real Estate Academy - the most comprehensive, hands-on, results-driven training system in the industry.
  • Unmatched Broker & Staff Support - what you need when you need it most.
  • Brand Platform - a launch point for your most valuable asset, your brand.
  • Collaboration - "A rising tide lifts all boats" - an inclusive culture of collaboration and hospitality.

The Real Estate Academy

A training system shifting agent expectations of what is possible & expected .

  • Transitioning - The path to transition from your “day job” to owning your own business to building financial independence. 
  • Lead generation, lead conversion, objection handling, creating raving fans for life, and much more…
  • Branding - Identify, build, and leverage your brand. 
  • Expertise - a system formulated by over 100 years of industry experience. 
  • Scaling - a proven system for you to move from 10+ deals a year to 20+, to 50+, to 100+ deals per year and beyond. 


Real estate can be a very lonely business. Don't make it any more isolating than it needs to be. Find a Tribe.

  • Tribe - We are all wired for connection and here is where you’ll find like-minded people. We are a tribe! 
  • Growth & Inspiration - A team of agents and staff dedicated to continual learning as a way of life.
  • Peer Group - You are the average of the five people closest to you. Surround yourself with people already doing what you want to do. 
  • Atmosphere - Surround yourself with state of the art design and decor to bring out the best in yourself & inspire confidence from your clients. 
  • Access - Super-premium work facilities, conference rooms and training center available 24-7.

Personal & Career Development

Most REALTORS® choose to partner with Amherst Madison because they consider themselves to be trusted advisors to their clients, and they want to put themselves in the best possible environment to ensure their success in meeting their client’s needs.

  • Individual - targeted to your needs and development path - emotional intelligence, DISC assessment, leadership training, & much more. 
  • Just In Time - Drop in classes, online learning, practical hands-on workshops and interactive training. 
  • Sales Seminars - powerful monthly sales seminars brought directly to you.
  • Coaching & Mentorship - Individual, tailored support for you and the specific demands of your business.
  • Mastermind - from new agent groups all the way up to invitation-only top producer groups.

The Idaho Brokerage

Do you believe in keeping your money local and supporting local?

  • Local -  Founded in 2013 by an Idaho Native with no “outside” investment 
  • Giving Back - Community reinvestment through volunteerism and contribution.
  • Philanthropic - Our foundation serves local businesses and organizations that contribute to the health and safety of our community. 
  • Connections - Our alliances and affiliations are far-reaching to help expand your connections in the community.
  • Lifestyle - Our agents are engaged in just about every type of sport, hobby and activity that the Idaho lifestyle offers.  Just ask and you’ll find someone who can tell you the best places around!