Unwavering Passion I The Cristina Drake Story

An Amherst Madison Agent Interview

Cristina Drake

“It fills my heart with joy to extend a warm embrace to individuals and families, guiding them towards a place they can truly call home.”

Cristina Drake originally journeyed to Boise from Phoenix in search of a change of pace and a sense of purpose. After years of working in retail she was ready to take a break from monotonous transactions that typically resulted in small paychecks instead of something fruitful for her spirit. Embarking on a new path led to new desires that sparked an interest in owning her own real estate business. Cristina’s destiny was quietly at work and what she feels led her to Amherst Madison. She had encountered CEO, Nick Schlekeway, while attending real estate school and noticed something intriguing about his bold leadership,

“He was different than any other CEO I have ever met. He is an extraordinary individual with a team of agents who radiate an unparalleled energy; embodying values that speak volumes about their character and principles. Their dedication to excellence captivated my attention.”

Cristina and her husband live in a small town called Mountain Home, about an hour outside of Boise where Amherst Madison headquarters are located. Initially she felt the distance between a humble town and big city atmosphere may produce some intimidation but diving into things she was pleasantly surprised,

“The people of this community were drawn to companies that fostered a sense of belonging while making them feel like valued members of a close-knit family. It was in this realization that I discovered the power of creating a genuine connection and forming a strong community bond.”

She seized her opportunity to expand business while simultaneously filling up her own cup as she poured into the lives God intertwined with hers.

Cristina Drake

Community has always been a main avenue for Cristina to align with a passion she carries in her heart for others. Proving to be an unwavering source of light for those around her, she humbly expresses one of her fondest experiences as a volunteer at Stephenson Elementary School on the Mountain Home Air Force Base,

“There is an indescribable magic in engaging with the next generation and instilling in them the power to envision grand dreams! This profound experience revealed to me that my actions have a ripple effect, as others observe and find inspiration in them.”

She if full of joy knowing her time is never taken for granted when she follows her true calling.


Cristina Drake

Being crowned Mrs. Mountain Home was another unique and special moment for Cristina that often has her reflecting on guidance she received from her respected pageant directors. A thoughtful piece of advice she was given during pageant competition that continues to motivate her today is,

“Strive to be a superior rendition of yourself rather than a mediocre imitation of someone else.”

Those words resonated with her and inspired her to accept her true self while pushing to excel in her own personal and professional voyage.

Cristina’s real estate office, The Tiger Team, continues to build on their aspirations together by striving to make a lasting impact in their local community, in Idaho, and in Arizona.

“We aspire to establish ourselves as the premier experts in military relocation within the region. To achieve this, I recognize the importance of nurturing relationships beyond our current market and maintaining a steadfast commitment to positioning our business accordingly.”

Additionally, she places a strong emphasis on a new purpose,

“I want to empower Hispanic and immigrant communities through real estate education. I believe in equipping them with the knowledge and tools to leverage real estate as a long-term investment, enabling them to construct a solid foundation and leave a remarkable legacy for future generations.”