Finding Freedom I The Eva Steinwald Story

An Amherst Madison Agent Interview

"You don't have yesterday or tomorrow, and if you miss out on moments, you miss out on life."

"I've always found strength when I needed it most. I came to Boise to open my own karate school. I trained in San Diego, and I was a brown belt. I want it to become a black belt. But it didn't want to just join another karate school. So I started my own. Karate was where my journey of confidence and inner strength began, and moving to Boise led to joining Amherst Madison."

I was born in Munich, Germany. My parents just barely escaped the Czech Republic during World War two. My parents found refuge in Germany. At eight years old, I remember hearing bombs go off from my bedroom. My father worked for a radio station that broadcasted news about the Cold War, funded by the US government. This allowed my parents and I to gain US citizenship and immigrate to America when I was 19."

"It was everything I wanted it to be. I enjoyed my freedom and took solace in the inner strength I found in karate. I got my real estate license in 1998 and worked diligently until the market crashed in 2008. My husband and I had to get creative about short selling our house. We lost everything."

While clipping coupons, I took a job as a delivery driver for FedEx to make ends meet. I was determined to continue in real estate, which was a balancing act, to say the least. I changed into my business attire in my truck. I attended closings and then changed back into my FedEx uniform to finish my route. I did this for eight years.

I joined Amherst Madison in 2015. The training at Amherst Madison was a revelation. It started my business and launched me from 0 sales to Partner in one year. I became Designated Broker in 2018 and won Broker of the Year in 2019. My financial success since joining Amherst Madison has allowed me to go to Europe to visit my family, and to have the freedom to give back to the Alzheimer's organization.

"In 2018, I lost my husband. It was then that my Amherst Madison family stepped up and supported me. You see, I only have one brother, but at my husband's funeral, just about every one of my colleagues showed up to comfort and support me like family. The next day, I led our training program elevate. It was difficult, but I've learned from studying karate that you only have the moment; you don't have yesterday or tomorrow, and if you miss out on moments, you miss out on life."

Amherst has changed my life both professionally and personally. Together, we are impacting lives of others. We truly get to make a difference in the community by helping people. It's the clients and agents I get to work with that encourage my strength and make me want to be the best person I can be. If you set limits, those limits will hold you back. But if you are willing to take opportunities, you will grow.

Eva Steinwald