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Situated ideally between the Boise River and the Boise Foothills, East Boise and Harris Ranch have a tremendous amount to offer the prospective resident.



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Downtown Boise


The cultural, economic, and political heart of Idaho; welcome to the City of Trees!

The Bench

A pleasant mixture of residential housing, light commercial, parks and recreation, local restaurants, tree-lined streets, bustling retail, and much more.

boise view homes

Home to some of the oldest homes and neighborhoods in Boise, the Boise View Homes area provides the best scenic backgrounds nature has to offer. Many homes have a spectacular view of the Boise River or downtown Boise, itself.


The gracious city of Nampa is known for its abundant park space and mountain view. This largest city in Canyon County—and third largest by population in the state—boasts a total of 24 parks and three golf courses.

southeast boise


Southeast Boise presents an interesting combination of older and newer communities. It stretches from Boise State University to Micron Technology, which means that it includes all of the space between the Boise River and Federal Way.

the north end


One of the most unique features of the North End is the collection of different architectural styles for both residences and the business district. Harrison Boulevard in particular is home to some of the most beautiful homes in the valley.



Outdoor enthusiasts are never short of opportunities for recreation with Meridian's 17 public parks, a fresh-water lake, and enjoy equestrian and hiking trails nearby.

Hidden Springs


Hidden Springs is only a few minutes away from Boise, but it has the feel of being its own enclave on purpose. It has been uniquely designed to include the benefits of a small community, including a swim club, school, post office, and housing style.

Garden Valley


A peaceful community featuring endless options for outdoor recreation, Garden Valley is one of those gems that make Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas extraordinarily desirable.

Garden City


Garden City today is a bustling town with an eccentric flare, home to many artisans and craftsman.

East Boise


Situated ideally between the Boise River and the Boise Foothills, East Boise and Harris Ranch have a tremendous amount to offer the prospective resident.



Located within driving distance of both downtown and the surrounding farms and nature preserves of Boise, it’s the perfect place to raise a family, and enjoy tranquility.

Valley County

The drive to Valley County from Boise is peaceful, and exhilarating as you make your way into town. Take a virtual tour of the beautiful scenery with a hint of Montana vibes, and outdoorsy lifestyle that many travelers come to experience throughout each change of season.

Mountain home

Mountain Home is a quiet community with an artistic expression that catches your eye. There is an astounding amount of history here. It honors the home of the brave where our freedoms are fought for on a regular basis.