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This is Our Story - Chapter 1: Foundation 


We had a problem to solve. Like so many of us out there, we knew exactly what we wanted and simply could not find the solution.  I have always believed that at their core, entrepreneurs are problem solvers with the ambition (and often the ignorance) to believe that they can solve difficult problems. Not just any problems, but problems without obvious solutions. Problems which have been attempted many times before, by others, without success. Problems that, left unresolved, would prevent us from living the fullest version of life we possibly could and even keep us from becoming the people we needed to be...

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Mike T. Williams

 Although he has kept laughing, His road in the Boise real estate world has not always been a laughing matter. Mike, like so many of us, has faced incredible challenges as he has started his journey into what will no doubt be a tremendously successful and decorated career as a Realtor®.

Eva Steinwald

CEO and Founder Nick Schlekeway shares, “It’s not just her knowledge and experience Eva brings to Amherst Madison every day, it’s her heart.”  From a childhood lived in the dark shadow of the Cold War, to a top producing real estate agent, coach, entrepreneur, and Broker of the Year; Eva's is a story of triumph and inspiration.

Matt Bauscher - Biography & Testimony

Learn more about Amherst Madison Founding Partner and Top Producer, Matt Bauscher.

Founder & Broker Interview

This interview took place in 2019. Nick Schlekeway and Eva Steinwald describe Amherst Madison origins, the struggles of growing a young company, and what matters most.

Matt Bauscher - Marketing Property

How have top producing agents like Matt been able to leverage the marketing tools, resources, and support provided by Amherst Madison?

building on the future

The cornerstone of an abundant mindset is where people accept that a rising tide lifts all boats. Abundance and love form the foundation of success and fulfillment.

Am Partner Katie McFerrin Loves Real Estate