Divine Blessings | The Jonathan Daltow Story

An Amherst Madison Agent Interview

Jon Daltow

"Being a Real estate agent has given me the opportunity to be on the field with my kids and to still serve the community. I feel so blessed to work at a place that I love. Amherst Madison feels like family. People at AM are genuine, authentic, caring, and professional."

Jonathan Daltow has always had it in his heart to serve. He has vivid memories of his parents getting him ready for church and essentially prepping the foundation for his kinship with the Lord that has now transferred over to how he raises his own children,

“There is nothing greater that I can do than to make sure that my kids have a relationship with God! I serve at church on Wednesday and Sunday nights…It is important to me to show my kids through my actions, what it looks like to serve.”

He gives without expectations by setting the intention of being a blessing for others and acting on that intention in his daily steps.

Jonathan's spiritual beliefs gave him the strength to face the extreme hardship of losing his dad. Their relationship was so instrumental in his life path, and he reflects on the good times he spent with him while knowing he is in a better place now,

“I remember my dad taking me to sports practice at Tulita elementary in Redondo beach. I was 7 years old playing on the Green Jets. I loved my dad being there!”

Something we all struggle with when we lose a loved one is recalling those missed opportunities to spend more time with them. Jonathan wishes his dad had been able to be more involved; recalling that he was forced to miss a lot of games and practices while working hard to support their family. The root of that wish led Jonathan to making changes to fulfill a different promise for his children.

Jon Daltow

There is that tough demarcation line between adulthood and parenthood that can be difficult to cross back and forth in order to enjoy some of those magical moments with our kids and still actively handle financial responsibilities to meet the basic needs of our family. It is a special kind of footwork that Jonathan has found a way to gain his own rhythm in,

“I started my kids in sports at a young age. I have coached them every season for the past five years. Coaching has come natural to me. I LOVE spending time with my kids in a healthy environment…Based off of a conversation I had with my dad before he passed away, I switched my career to become a Real Estate Agent. Being a Real Estate Agent has given me the opportunity to be on the field with my kids and to still serve the community.”

I remember when Jonathan stopped by my office to ask if I could take a couple photographs of him with our CEO, Nick Schlekeway. He told me how much he valued our brokerage and having Nick’s support had meant the world to him,

“Amherst Madison feels like family. All the people behind the walls are what make it REAL. People at AM are genuine, authentic, caring, professional. This is very rare to find these days. I have never worked in an environment where everyone cares about you and takes the time to help you. It is contagious. I am honored and humbled to be able to work at AM. A true blessing.”

Jo Daltow & Nick Schlekeway

Jonathan went from being a General Manager at Crunch Fitness where he received the “#1 General Manager of the Year” award 3 times, to becoming a REALTOR®. The award had some incredible perks that resulted in an all-inclusive vacation package that paid for 1 trip to Jamaica and 2 trips to Cancun!

“My wife said to never leave that job but that is easy to say when you are on the white sand beaches of Montego Bay haha.”

Being a REALTOR® has provided a better gift on a regular basis, time with his family. He learned to overcome the uncertainty of selling homes in unique market changes by staying true to his relationship with God,

“I have turned my worries over to the Lord! He will provide for me. That is something I focus on every day.”

Tapping into his strengths in his career has been key. Jonathan is energetic, engaging, and empathic. One of his friends from church became a client after losing his wife of forty plus years. Their home became a source of pain for him to remember the monumental loss of the love of his life. That moment was highly impactful for Jonathan in his business mindset as he helped his friend find a new home to comfort him. It ignited his empathy for others and provided a wakeup call as he continued to serve,

“It reminded me that it is NOT the house, it is the people in the home. I went home and gave my wife a big hug.”

Jon Daltow

So, what is next in line for Jonathan's vision within this industry? He has his sight set on luxury home sales. He has been knocking on big doors, working as hard as possible, and falling back on the fact that he knows his calling will continue to evolve when the time is right. Right now, he is just grateful for all of the divine blessings he has received and hopes to continue giving back. His heart is in the right place for it.