Cultivating Home I The Juliana Cantele Story

An Amherst Madison Agent Interview

Juliana Cantele

“My life and my profession walk together; hands tied. It is the most natural path I would ever imagine with having a career. I have a real passion for it.”

Juliana Cantele traveled vast skylines in search of adventure and the right place to settle with her family. Her love for different cultures and genuinely getting to know people encouraged broadening her horizon from her childhood home of Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, to eventually setting foot in Idaho with her American husband and their two sweet boys. Boise quickly became the foundation of their newfound home together to provide their children with a safe upbringing and further develop their own careers.

She is trilingual; fluent in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Juliana has lived in 5 different countries that revealed different realities for the way others live life. She has witnessed the stark contrast in those realities that range from rich to poor, happy and sad, enthusiastic with a dream in mind, or hardworking while feeling the burnout... Overcoming language barriers has often resulted in her developing an intimate bond with strangers who evolve into friends along the way,

“It is amazing to be able to communicate with people who aren’t always able to fully express themselves to everyone but the beauty of being a good REALTOR® goes way beyond our language. It is in the way we see people, and I see them for who they are on the inside which enables me to respect their path, whether or not it matches my own. This career always brings the best out of me personally and professionally.”

Juliana Cantele & Agents on coffee bus

Amherst Madison has been an ongoing source of inspiration for Juliana. She appreciates the principles, core values, professionalism, and what she is able to offer her clients in return. She is modest in her explanation,

“I am fortunate enough to understand that I get so much more from this place than what I give back to it. I would choose to be at Amherst Madison again, every single day.”

What she doesn’t realize is that she gives back to us in a multitude of ways with her contagious smile and beautiful accent that floats through the halls, her inquiring nature that yearns to keep learning, her generous heart that reaches to help others in any given breath, and the way she treats her clients – never letting them feel alone in their search for home.

Juliana admits that it isn’t easy to be great at everything, but she tries her best. She juggles the mom life with her career and an innate understanding that she has to share her time between the two,

“Every time I feel tired, I remind myself that I am doing this for my boys’ future. I really want them to take more from life and worry less about the things that can distract them from their best selves. They love showing houses with me and show their support by making comments about how beautiful a garden is or how the garage might be too small. They already believe in the dream of homeownership, and I love it.”

Juliana Cantele

Her real estate journey is far from over. She recently became a new Partner and a Coach at Amherst Madison, seeking to share her unique experiences and acquired skillset with agents who want some guidance.

“Sharing doesn’t take from anyone; it just spreads knowledge and creates a desirable environment in the process.”

Also noting that the goals for her trainees will be specific to their needs and their happiness,

“Success is just a beautiful consequence of that.”