Manifesting Success | The Laurel Hamblin Story

An Amherst Madison Agent Interview

Laurel Hamblin

"I was holding one of his little hands and in his sleepy voice he said, Mom, you’re my sweetheart. I love you…That’s what I live for. Sometimes our kids don’t know we need them as much as they need us.”

Sometimes it takes more than a dream to find our true purpose and to see our true potential. Sometimes it takes an unexpected experience that uproots us from where we were planted, where we waited to rise upward into the light for an inspiration that eventually exists outside of us. Laurel found her inner strength blossoming rapidly at the young age of 17 when she found out she was going to be a mom to a little boy. It wasn’t long before her personal interests were fine-tuned and her career path was chosen,

“It wasn’t until I had Leo on the way that my life moved quickly. Before real estate was an option, I wanted to start a landscaping company. I’ve always known my work ethic was going to take me far, it was just a matter of finding a path I was truly passionate about.”

Defining that path was just a matter of becoming aware of resources that already existed within her reach and utilizing them. It was time to truly weigh her options and start making permanent decisions. As a teen she had envisioned her future surrounded by gorgeous homes, eating in classy restaurants, and dressing up in lavish business attire,

“There have been surreal experiences that have opened my eyes to the unlimited possibilities that are available in this world! I’ve had the opportunity to meet some incredibly successful people that excite me for my future. I have a fire burning in my heart that pushes me to reach my highest potential.”

Laurel Hamblin

Laurel tackled tapping into her network with an eagerness for this lifestyle of luxury that she had always daydreamt of. She found herself sitting across from her aunt and uncle in the middle of winter, eating pancakes for two (during her 3rd trimester of pregnancy) at the Pancake House in McCall, Idaho. Her uncle was a real estate coach, but he wasn’t just any coach – he was one that saw her natural potential and full heartedly supported her. He helped connect her with the right people at the right time so she could continue walking down her chosen route. She watched her fears fade beneath her steps she began to take them with confidence; she knew what she wanted, and she was on her way to get it.

“As an extremely young entrepreneur, I wanted to be recognized as THE millennial real estate expert in Boise, Idaho. In August of 2019, I received my license, and I knew I was ahead of the game - with time on my side. While my peers were starting their first year of college and chasing boys, I was changing diapers and starting my real estate career. I wanted my brand to reflect my authentic personality. I am my business. I wanted to be known for my work ethic, talent, my genuine heart to serve and ultimately be recognized as a true real estate expert that my sphere can count on for the decades to come.”

In August of 2021, Laurel was a Guest Speaker on a podcast called “Moms Making Six Figures.” She was honored to be on their podcast; she had made leaps and bounds in her financial status, but she wasn’t done yet.

“Growing up, my family was extremely poor. My mom raised my 3 brothers and I. $100,000 sounded like what was considered to be “rich” in my mind. I thought if I had hit that goal, all of my problems would disappear. They certainly didn’t. The bar was raised on a completely different level. I am hungry for an incredible life, and I am not afraid to work until it happens.”

With lofty goals in mind, she sought out a brokerage that could meet her standards of professionalism. She saw Amherst Madison as a modern and beautiful home for her to grow her business with high energy and amazing core values.

Laurel Hamblin

Laurel has an incredible following on social media as a real estate professional, previously ranking as #1 in Idaho and #12 in North America! She admits to being a social butterfly back in high school with a large net of diverse friend groups,

“I knew everyone by name regardless of their interests, which has played a significant role throughout my business. Large gatherings have always intimidated me which is why I have heavily pushed social media. I post daily and consistency has been key.”

Her next big goal in the real estate industry is to be featured in Forbes 30 under 30! We believe she will do it.

As a single mom, her heart acknowledges the weight of guilt that can seep in at times by being a successful businesswoman, but she is aware of the alternate side of that as well.

“Part of me feels like I’m working my life away, and the other is heavily committed to this vision I have for my family. I know Leo will be grateful when we get to experience incredible things together when he’s old enough to understand. I want to travel the world with Leo. I have completely committed my time to my son, my business, and our future together. The cost of success is worth it to me.”

I ask her to recall a memory of Leo that keeps her going strong, and I can feel the power of sincere emotions welling up behind her voice,

“One of my favorite memories with Leo was laying in his toddler bed with him for our nightly routine. We were snuggled against the wall in silence (waiting for him to fall asleep). I was holding one of his little hands and in his sleepy voice he said, Mom, you’re my sweetheart. I love you…That’s what I live for. Sometimes our kids don’t know we need them as much as they need us.”

Laurel Hamblin

If you ask her how she avoids feeling depleted with so much on her plate to juggle as a top producing agent, social media guru, and active single mom – her answer is rooted in knowing her abilities as well as where she maintains a life source that meets her needs;

“I read a lot of books. I like to feed my brain with positive and inspiring information. I feel like a sponge in this chapter of my life. I know I have many talents and gifts to share as a young influencer in this business. I know I have an established brand, so it makes me excited to share what I’ve done to get where I am. I have an abundant mindset and I believe there is plenty to go around.”

In hindsight, it’s her passion; her passion for her son, her passion for helping clients, her passion for achieving goals, and her passion to be exactly who she wants to be. She is her business, and that business is Laurel Hamblin Real Estate.