Affirming Legacy I The Mike T. Williams Story

An Amherst Madison Agent Interview

“You’re at where you are in your life because of all the choices YOU have made. The power of your perspective is real! Focus on having an abundant mindset and choose to learn to grow from every situation.”

Mike T! He is a man of vision. He is a man of his word. He is the definition of a “family man” and he proves it every day. If you haven’t had the pleasure of being around him, you are missing something extraordinary. I have never met someone with so much charisma, so much day-to-day humility, a passion you can see and hear in his footsteps, and a smile that stretches your own when his laughter echoes in a room. He is a magnet for positivity and that’s exactly what he puts out, which naturally brings it full circle.

Mike T. Williams wasn’t always a REALTOR® but he was always excited about being a part of a team, and he felt comforted by one when he joined our Amherst Madison Brokerage. It reminded him of his football journey with Boise State University and inspired a new opportunity to evolve before him,

“I was interested in having the freedom to set my own schedule. I enjoy helping people, and what better way to help people than to guide them through making one of the biggest purchases of their lives? I also really craved the competition aspect of it; it was like I was stepping back onto the blue turf at BSU.”

Mike T. Williams

“Touchdowns” in the real estate industry are what Mike strives for in order to preserve what he cherishes the most - making loving memories with his adorable family as he builds a legacy to pass down to his children. He faces tasks head on to make his time at work count and he admits to the turbulence he encounters on certain days,

“It’s hard to maintain a work life balance in this career sometimes, but I am still working to be better every day. Some of the lows involve needing to show clients homes in the evening when I would also like to be home for dinner, and the flip side to that is being home for dinner but still needing to take business calls at home. It is challenging to remain present.”

The reassuring thing about tackling the lows is that an equivalent high awaits,

“Some of the highs have been seeing my business grow through building my own personal team to better serve my clients. Growing my team has also helped me focus on really giving a great experience while also giving myself more flexibility to work on myself and be around my family.”

Mike is proactive in creating ways to be inclusive with his family on a variety of aspects within his business where they really enjoy helping. His oldest son has learned about a hard work ethic at a young age by helping his dad install toilets, do yard-work, and paint. His wife supports him while keeping it entertaining as they select their favorite cabinet colors and debate whose fireplace tile looks the best. Mike contemplates a beautiful memory for a second,

“I lost but I still think my fireplace tile job was better!” I hear his laugh and it provides a glimpse of their joy and playfulness inside my heart too.

Mike T. Williams & Justin Murillo

He revisits the moment he chose to hang his license at Amherst Madison,

“My good friend and fellow D line man from football, Nick Schlekeway, was the reason I chose to start my career here. I knew how hard he worked in football, and the leader he was at Boise State. He has the first person in, last person out mentality. I knew I would be in good hands; despite his busy life he still hasn’t given up on me! A few others I really appreciate are Jeff Wills, Matt Weston, and our Broker Debbi Myers. They have all played a huge role in supporting me throughout my career.”

Over the years Mike has absorbed some amazing advice from mentors and peers here. One piece he has strongly hung onto is,

“You’re at where you are in your life because of all the choices YOU have made. The power of your perspective is real! Focus on having an abundant mindset and choose to learn to grow from every situation.”

Mike T. Williams & Justin Murillo

It's a new year and there is so much on the horizon! Mike T. Williams Real Estate plans to hire their first full-time position for an Executive Assistant, Justin Murillo. Justin is the perfect sidekick for Mike; they work well together, and both have a contagious bright energy that they bring with them. Their team plans to kick off the “new year – new you” with a stronger social media focus directed towards educating others about real estate investing and creating generational wealth. Mike includes himself in this goal,

“I also want to strive to improve my knowledge on all things real estate. My ten-year goal is to be in the top 1% of REALTORS® in Idaho. I plan to continue to grow my investment portfolio and own 50 (or more) doors.”

Mike and Justin are naturals when it comes to opening doors and opening hearts which aligns perfectly with Amherst Madison’s vision, and they are an incredible part of our work family.

Mike T. Williams & Justin Murillo