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Amherst Interview: Matt Weston | Can Open Doors Open Opportunities?

Grit is more than just determination and endurance. It shows up not only quantitatively in
forces of time spent and results attained, but in the abstract principles of patience, passion and
consistent effort. As a tribute to our agents who uphold our values and embody the mission of
Amherst Madison, we’re spotlighting those who excel and exceed the status quo of the
Treasure Valley and real estate industry as a whole.

Coming off the tail of a successful football career with Boise State University and beyond, Matt
Weston turned the corner to a fruitful run in real estate. With well over a decade of infill
development behind him, Matt joined Amherst Madison in 2018. He attributes a great deal of
success to the openness and affability of his fellow agents: “There is a large group of very
talented, successful, and bad ass people that roam around Amherst headquarters… It’s a
fantastic atmosphere to work in!”

As Matt witnessed several of the teams within Amherst Madison celebrating successes, he took
note. “The biggest benefit has been getting a first row look into how our other real estate
teams in the company are operating at such high levels of production. For example, $80-$100+
Million per year in sales with the Bauscher Team with just 6 or so people on the team.” Though
2020 has certainly had its challenges, the real estate market continues to thrive. Matt’s own
triumphs have grown him from a team of three into an ever-expanding six-person operation.
“The relationships, applications, and processes have redefined our confidence to expect and do
more. This effect has help push Team Weston to grow in production year over year and 2021 is
shaping up to continue that trend for us.”

Expectations and standards are a prevalent part of Amherst Madison and its principles. The
notion doesn’t aim to be elitist or pompous, but rather a defining quality aimed to set agents up
for consistent and rewarding careers. One part of these expectations is the concept of
abundance: to live and work in a spirit of reciprocity and generosity. Matt attributes his
achievements in part to the collaborative culture within AM. “The consistency to survive and
grow in this business has been my biggest achievement, and I have been able to do that I think
by thinking bigger than myself. You can only do so much as one person.” In a nod to the support
he receives from Team Weston: “Being a good teammate and not being greedy has empowered
my business and many other business partners along the way.”

Traditionally in sales, there is a far-reaching, commonly held practice of withholding
information or keeping the secrets of the business, well, secret. “In this business, having walls
and barriers up can make living a real lonely place.” The ease of connection and warmth
between agents in the halls of Amherst Madison is palpable. There is an acknowledged
openness and willingness to share trade secrets; a success for one is success for all. “When
you’re connected with people who you’re willing to give unconditional energy to, it
reciprocates back and gives you traction to grow. It opens up doors.”

When he’s not growing Boise from the ground up, Matt can be found traveling and enjoying
time with family, whom he sees to be the next generation to share in the successes he has
relished. “The great thing about Boise is that you always really look forward to coming home

when you are away. I have 3 kids that I hope to help teach how to run their own businesses at
some point here soon and I would like to ride off in the sunset watching them being happy and

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