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Boise Broker Carries Big Heart to Real Estate Community

For the majority of the agents representing Amherst Madison at the Boise Regional REALTORS® annual awards gala it was a night of celebration and fun. For Eva Steinwald it was more reserved, knowing she would be on a 5 am flight the next morning.

    The presenter read an accurate and heartfelt bio describing the winner ahead of time. Before they called her name the entire Amherst Madison group in attendance rose to their feet in cheers and fist pumps because they had already recognized the attributes of Steinwald being described. Sitting amid a sea of tables in a sold out room of 1,000+ real estate industry professionals, Steinwald was startled at the announcement. She saw her own photo on display in front of the excited crowd still unsure in that instance what exactly was happening. The energy was electric and her team was elated.

Broker of the Year by the Boise Regional REALTORS


Less than 12 hours after being named Broker of the Year by the Boise Regional REALTORS®, Eva Steinwald, Principal Broker of Amherst Madison was carrying a weighted bucket in a Spartan race outside Las Vegas. Steinwald crossed the finish line winning third in her age class. Weighted buckets are not all Eva has been known to carry. Steinwald heads up training of all new agents  at Amherst Madison as a certified real estate instructor.

Boise Broker Carries Big Heart to Real Estate Community

    With only a few hours of sleep, Eva Steinwald boarded a plane from Boise, Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada where she would compete in the ever popular Spartan obstacle course running race. The actual race site was more than an hour Northeast of Vegas. Steinwald was concerned she might be running late. It turns out that her race start time was later in the morning. She enjoyed a well deserved nap in her car before embarking on a race course full of physical challenges that would test anyone’s fortitude. It seems that her elation from the night before had carried over into that morning’s race as Steinwald finished strong in both the female bracket and age class. To say Eva pushes herself to new levels of achievement and personal development would be putting it lightly.

Eva Steinwald Spartan Race

Eva Steinwald is committed to a life of service that spans beyond her job title and office time. Teaching karate is a huge source of fulfillment and outlet for Eva to give back to her community. As a first generation immigrant to the United States from the Czech Republic via Germany, Steinwald shares her gratitude for the freedoms we enjoy here. Eva has been a passionate advocate as a volunteer spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Association®. Dedicating that service to her parents, Eva’s Father suffered from Alzheimer’s and her Mother, dementia. Giving back as a spokesperson allows her to give a voice on behalf of those who have lost theirs.

Eva Steinwald Running Race

CEO and Founder Nick Schlekeway shares, “It’s not just her knowledge and experience Eva brings to Amherst Madison every day, it’s her heart.” Most days she is the first one to the office. Ever diligent, Steinwald gets more work done before 9 am than most will complete all day, maybe even all week. By getting her own personal work done early she makes herself available to teach, train, and mentor each agent both in a class setting and one on one. Her positivity is an infectious warm glow that catches fire with all she touches. It is her diligent spirit of service that carries the bar high as a new standard for real estate professionals.

    The brokerage is quickly growing, adding new agents each month. Eva facilitates a training course for each new group of agents called ELEVATE. Each class is given daily tasks and assignments to complete as they progress through the course and familiarize themselves with the level of quality and excellence Amherst Madison has established as their brand standard. The agents are coached to define their own purpose driven work ethic and how that connects to better serving the communities they live and work in. Yes, they learn about real estate but more importantly they activate skills that set them apart in a highly competitive market.

    Amherst Madison was founded in 2013 by CEO Nick Schlekeway. Eva was appointed as the Principal Broker in January 2017. She is the embodiment of the company’s mission statement. Giving back to the community has always been a top priority for this blossoming Boise real estate company. In their inaugural fundraiser, A Giving Circle, the firm raised $112,000 for local charities. Each charitable organization was hand picked by Amherst Madison agents directly involved in their cause.

“I have learned that my core value as a real estate professional is accountability.”

Eva Steinwald Receiving Broker of the Year Award

When asked about being awarded Broker of the Year, Eva responded, We have talented Brokers in our Association that I look up to. I am humbled by this honor. It is a Gift to be able to lead and mentor Agents. Nick Schlekeway thank you for that Gift. Thank you to our amazing staff that keeps the ship moving forward. I couldn’t do this without our ROCKSTAR agents. You are my purpose each morning when I head into the office. Question now is… What is next?”


That is an excellent question Eva. We are excited to watch the ongoing journey.