Buyers Homeowner Association Explained Protecting Property Value and Harmonizing Community Quality of Life   A homeowner association (HOA) is an organized and legally regulated community with a commitment to maintaining the look, feel and function of planned housing developments, including gated neighborhoods and leased land segments. As a result, HOAs are usually (but not always) found in middle- to high-income […]
Buyers How to Choose a Realtor: 8 Steps Deciding to purchase a home is a big step in the right direction. Now you need to find a real estate agent who understands your requirements and works to find the perfect house under budget Here is your guide on how to choose a realtor.    1. Decide whether an agent or broker is appropriate […]
Buyers Buying VS Renting: What to Know and When to Take Action Buying vs Renting: Pros, Cons, and How to Take Action  If you’re ready to move, but you’re not sure if you want to buy or rent your next home, this post is for you. We will cover the costs of buying vs renting, as well as the pros and cons of renting or owning your […]
Buyers Real Estate Appraisals: What you Need to Know If you are a potential new homeowner, you’re probably already dreaming of all the space in your new space. Likewise, if you a current homeowner trying to sell, you’re likely thinking about the new kitchen in your forever home. Either way, the home appraisal process is perhaps the furthest thing from you mind. It’s not one […]
Buyers Low Inventory: 5 Reasons Why The Real Estate Market Isn’t Meeting Demand Over the past year, real estate inventory available in the market has continued to become more and more scarce. Since the economy is getting a bit better with time, more people are looking at purchasing a home but they are finding that there are not many available homes. These are a few reasons that have led to […]
Buyers Get Green! How To Be More Efficient and Save Money Doing It The charm of a small town combined with the luxury and splendor of going green is what homeowners find in Boise, Idaho. Advanced technology and materials have developed eco-friendly home designs improving how we live without changing our lifestyles. Surrounded by nature in this valley, local construction is commitment to making an environmental impact. Residents in […]
Buyers Unforeseen Costs When Buying A Home: What You Need To Know Whether you’re a first time or experience homebuyer, there are out-of-pocket costs on top of the down payment when you close a real estate transaction.  The purpose of these expenses is to protect your new home and ownership title. You found a home in Treasure Valley, you got the mortgage pre-approved and now you need to […]
Buyers Tips On The Spring Real Estate Market In Treasure Valley Selling your home in Treasure Valley can be rewarding experience, especially in today’s market. Getting the right real estate agent is essential for selling your home in Boise, Idaho. Your realtor already knows the market value of your home; you need to understand the features qualified buyers want. It is a formula for appealing to a […]
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Buyers Common Mistakes Buyers Make in a Seller’s Market It is common to find many buyers making one or several mistakes when looking for a house in a seller’s market. Why? Simply because they don’t understand how the technicalities of a seller’s market work. If you are looking for a house in the Boise, Idaho area, learn from these few mistakes and you will be able to make a sound […]
Buyers Investing in Commercial Property: What You Need to Know Ask any real estate professional and you will find that investing in commercial property is much better than investing in residential real estate. With commercial property, you stand to gain additional cash flow, enjoy economies of scale, and generally get a higher payoff among other benefits.  But investing in commercial property is a bit different from investing in residential […]
Buyers What You Need to Know About Purchase Contracts When buying a new home, it is always important that you take care of all the paper work in time to prevent future disagreements. Many people get carried away by the excitement of owning a new home and they forget the most important details or requirements. Apart from the obvious things like the purchase price […]
Buyers The Money Pit: 3 Efficient and Cost Effective Improvements for Your Home Suggestions and tips for home improvement can be highly subjective based on the goals of the homeowner. For example, is the improvement taking place in order to increase the marketability or market value of the home? Is the improvement necessary due to some sort of functional obsolescence or deferred maintenance? Perhaps the improvement is not […]