Agents “It sounds like somebody’s got a case of the Mondays” Key Takeaways: Every day is an opportunity to grow Monday sets the tone for your week Monday can give you the edge you seek Productive attitudes lead to productivity   The headline to this article, a quote from the 1999 movie Office Space, always makes me laugh. Lately, it has also made me cringe.  As […]
Agents Matt Bauscher Awarded “Accomplished Under 40” by the Idaho Business Review Hundreds of Idaho go-getters were nominated for Idaho Business Review‘s Accomplished Under 40 awards program, and more than 100 people applied for one of this year’s 40 spots.   The task of selecting the top 40 went to 11 review committees. The review committees were formed from past honorees, and each committee included at least three […]
Agents Ask and you shall receive…Want Success? Ask the right questions. Key Takeaways: You cannot advise and consult without knowledge of the Client  Only through Asking the right questions, can you be a Trusted Advisor The right Questions are paramount to a Realtor’s success Cast aside Ego, Fear, Judgement, and Assumptions    I recently was in a two-day Counsel of Residential Specialist (CRS) seminar, taught by Mr. […]
Agents The Only Thing We Have to Fear…Is Success? Key Takeaways:  Many time-consuming tasks can be Delegated. Fear of Delegation is a real, crippling hurdle. Many agents fear what lies at the end of a successfully-leveraged business. We must face our fear to create the business and freedom we seek.   As a real estate broker in Boise, Idaho; I hear the oft-repeated refrain […]
Entrepreneur I Hate Cubicles Key Takeaways:  The Millennial Workforce is demanding open, collaborative work space I’m pretty sure nobody has ever liked Cubes… seriously  Advancements in wireless data transfer have assisted open-concept design  Open-Concept office design affords flexibility and greater space-utilization to users    I hate cubicles and it seems that I am not alone. Across the country, one […]
Agents Dress for Success: What You Wear Matters Key Takeaways  What you wear, and your appearance in general, has a direct impact on your success.  Like it or not, others will judge you based on your appearance. Perception is reality – create the reality you wish for yourself.   This may frustrate some people. I hope that it stirs up some thought and […]
Entrepreneur Planet of The Apes: Where eCommerce and Traditional Retail Collide Whether you believe that we are all descendants of apes, it is not difficult to see from where the comparisons stem. Mankind is very basic in terms of needs, desires, and motivation. My belief that our evolution will never take us completely away from this “Primate” intuition is a consistent theme in my posts. As a […]
Entrepreneur To Brick, Or Not To Brick? As much as moving “To the Cloud” has been embraced in the past decade; so has moving “To the Street”. Online retailers, such as the eyeglass retailer Warby Parker, have seen significant gains in market share and penetration using physical brick and mortar stores.  The physical locations are used as marketing tools much more than they […]
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Agents “Are you Planning to Fail?” – Framework of A Business Plan A good business plan should start with answering the question, “WHY?”    That is, why are we doing this? Why am I (or we) starting this company and what do we hope to accomplish? What do we hope to give to our customers and clients? What is our unique value proposition? What moves us in a […]
Agents It is Not About You: The best piece of business advice I ever heard… Although it is something that had been rattling around in my head for years; I first heard the following from Mr. Jay Abraham:   Love the Customer, not the Product/Service You Provide Love the customer. Better yet, consider the customer a life-long client and fall in love with them. To provide the high level of value to […]
Entrepreneur So, you want to be unemployed? Tips for an Aspiring Entrepreneur. In October of 2012 I was a Boise City Firefighter, a union member, and a public employee. I had one of the most dependable occupations one can have, at least in regards to the danger of being fired (no pun intended). Two days later, in November, I was unemployed and on the streets. Well, not […]
Agents The “Secret” of Passion Passion… such a powerful word. We all desire passion. We all seek to live with gusto and passion in varying degrees, to varying extents and in various arenas. Often, we look at passionate people and think, “If only I could have the passion that they do… imagine the action I could take towards living my […]
Agents Time Management Skills and Habits Why does this matter? Well, we all have the same 24 hours to work with each day. Some people have trained themselves to get 10X the amount of productive action wrapped into their day than do other people. How do they do this?   When I think about Time Management I think about two concepts: […]
Agents Nick Schlekeway Awarded “Accomplished Under 40” by the Idaho Business Review Former Boise State University Football Captain and local businessman, Nick Schlekeway, has been named one of the state’s “Accomplished Under 40” by the Idaho Business Review. Selected from hundreds of nominees, the recipients at the 15th annual event were publicly recognized for their accomplishments and “On the rise status” in the business community.   “‘These […]