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Agents Top 10 Myths When Buying or Selling a Home You’ve heard them before, those sly myths that are commonly interpreted as facts. The real estate industry is not exempt of these in today’s growing society, especially with market spikes of inventory and home values. A first-time home buyer or seller will probably encounter a few more common misconceptions than others, but trending myths can […]
Buyers Thinking of Making the Real Estate Investment Plunge? Should You Be Looking at Residential or Commercial Properties? Real estate investment is a great way to create an income for yourself and to diversify your portfolio to provide stability for your financial future. There are several ways to invest in real estate. We’ll be comparing residential and commercial properties here, exploring the pros and cons of each type of property to help you […]
Entrepreneur Market Game Changers Key Takeaways:  Demographic Trends of the Millennial Generation…  Market Consolidation…  Advancements in Technology…    There are 3 “Game Changing” forces impacting real estate in 2018 that will continue to force change moving into the next decade. They are the Millennial Generation, Consolidation and Density, and advancements in technology.   Those Millennials The Millennial Generation’s (those […]
Buyers Get Green! How To Be More Efficient and Save Money Doing It The charm of a small town combined with the luxury and splendor of going green is what homeowners find in Boise, Idaho. Advanced technology and materials have developed eco-friendly home designs improving how we live without changing our lifestyles. Surrounded by nature in this valley, local construction is commitment to making an environmental impact. Residents in […]
Investment Properties What attracts Institutional Investors to Commercial Real Estate? Real Estate as an Investment Vehicle – Large Institutions    Key Takeaways:  At $32 Trillion in Total Value, Real Estate is the largest single asset class and source of wealth in the United States.  Commercial Real Estate (CRE) is well suited to provide reliable and predictable cash flows.  Real Estate, especially CRE, can be an […]
Agents Raw Land Development & Risk to Equity Investors Key Takeaways:  Raw Land & Development is a time-consuming venture  Increase in time from initial investment to cash flows as revenue = increase in risk  Risk/Return balance is highly subjective & based on investor goals  Mitigate risk through prevention and forward thinking    In this blog post we will explore some characteristics of raw land […]
Investment Properties Who Made Who, Who Made You? Key Takeaways:  Real Estate Development projects are often done as Joint Venture Partnerships between an equity provider (or fund) and a development company (or individual sponsor/developer).  Time value of money and intersection of risk/reward drive choices to invest as equity or manage the development as the general partner. Often, equity investors have made their money […]
Investment Properties Why should I lend you money? Key Takeaways:  The intersection of risk and reward drive individual investment decisions  CRE lender can participate in real estate investment with minimal risk compared to the equity owner on title  Lender often has personal recourse on borrower as well as right to foreclose on property  Equity investors have a higher risk tolerance and thus (should) […]
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Investment Properties “Negative Leverage, wait, isn’t that an oxymoron?” Key Takeaways:  Negative leverage is present when the Unleveraged IRR is less than the cost of borrowing (debt service) The presence of Negative Leverage is a warning sign (red flag) of potential cash flow difficulty  Positive Leverage should be targeted as soon as possible  Long term Negative Leverage should give the lender significant pause    […]
Entrepreneur I Hate Cubicles Key Takeaways:  The Millennial Workforce is demanding open, collaborative work space I’m pretty sure nobody has ever liked Cubes… seriously  Advancements in wireless data transfer have assisted open-concept design  Open-Concept office design affords flexibility and greater space-utilization to users    I hate cubicles and it seems that I am not alone. Across the country, one […]
Entrepreneur Planet of The Apes: Where eCommerce and Traditional Retail Collide Whether you believe that we are all descendants of apes, it is not difficult to see from where the comparisons stem. Mankind is very basic in terms of needs, desires, and motivation. My belief that our evolution will never take us completely away from this “Primate” intuition is a consistent theme in my posts. As a […]
Entrepreneur To Brick, Or Not To Brick? As much as moving “To the Cloud” has been embraced in the past decade; so has moving “To the Street”. Online retailers, such as the eyeglass retailer Warby Parker, have seen significant gains in market share and penetration using physical brick and mortar stores.  The physical locations are used as marketing tools much more than they […]
Agents Team Up with an Investor: How a realtor can expand business with investors How is representing investors in residential and small multifamily properties different from representing homebuyers?  Investors have different goals than do the average homeowner. Typically, investors have specific criteria for which they are investing, which can be highly dependent upon the individual. However, investors are all similar in that they are seeking some type of return on the […]
Investment Properties Boise Office Space Construction Despite Vacancy There are several dynamics, on both the Supply and Demand side, which lead to over-supply of office buildings, and the initiation of development projects in already-high vacancy environments. I have found that identifying the causes is much easier than brainstorming viable solutions. This dynamic has not been as prevalent in the Boise market as it has been […]
Investment Properties Real Estate Investors who are killing it Real Estate Investing 101 The key to any real estate investing is that you make your money on the buy and not on the sell.  If you buy the wrong property or even if you buy the right property at the wrong time; you will lose money. Timing, the knowledge of market movement, and the […]