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Amherst Interview: Tyler Horn | Opportunity, Competition, and A Culture of Excellence.

Grit is more than just determination and endurance. It shows up quantitatively in forces of time spent and results attained, but in the abstract principles of patience, passion, and consistent effort. As a tribute to our agents who uphold our values and embody the mission of Amherst Madison, we’re spotlighting those who excel and exceed the status quo of the Treasure Valley and the real estate industry as a whole.

Grit has proven to be a critical factor in the formula for success, and in real estate, consistency is equally as important. To find a paradigm of humility and unwavering effort, one may not have to look any further than Tyler Horn. “The recipe for success is easy,” he says. “Show up, EVERY DAY, and do what is best for your clients.” After joining Amherst Madison in 2019, Tyler’s business quickly took off skyward. He also credits many of his victories to the help of the leadership team at AM: “Every day I am in the office, I get better… that’s all I can ask for! I want to push myself to make our leadership team proud; I am beyond grateful for what they do daily.” The leadership and staff, he continues, come together as a cohesive team to help make our goals achievable. “The Amherst Madison leadership team is second to none. We have an owner in Nick Schlekeway, who is determined to put his agents in the best position to succeed. Our broker, Debbi Myers, has an open-door policy like I have never seen before- always there to help and encourage every single agent in our office. Jamie Patocka and my TC, Derica, have helped me focus on my clients and always feel confident that I am compliant… I cannot say enough about this brokerage and the people here.”

It’s no secret that Amherst Madison brings a competitive edge. With many agents coming from a variety of competitive backgrounds, the urge to strive for better is an engrained and pursued desire. Tyler’s football career with BSU was the foundation for his remarkable ambitions. “There is a culture of excellence at Amherst Madison. Coming from a similar culture with BSU football, I needed more! The average brokerage just wouldn’t cut it for me. I need to feel pushed and challenged to be the best version of myself; this enables me to give my clients what they deserve.”

Tyler has undoubtedly risen to the challenge. “We are given the tools, but it is up to us to use those tools. I have grown my business from $4.5 million in 2019 to over $8.5 million in 2020, and we just started the 4th quarter.” (** Editor’s note: at the time of publication and in true fashion of his ever-growing business, Tyler sent over a correction that current sales are at $8.7 million.) Demonstrating the “consistency is key” mantra, Tyler continues, “I have not done anything special. I have listened and taken action daily.”

Tyler is no stranger to Boise and its big point of pride: community. “As an agent who grew up here and LOVES the city, I feel passionate about giving back. This city has given me so much. I was able to play football at BSU, where I was a fan my whole life. I met my wife at BSU and had our first daughter in Boise. We own two properties in this city and are about to have our second daughter in November at our new home in Harris Ranch.” Safe to say: Horn Real Estate is here to stay in Boise.

For all the hard-won success Tyler has earned from his thriving career in real estate, he gives back just as much. “In August, I did a 4x4x48 run for the Ronald McDonald house. We raised over $5,000 for the families there. I want to continue to use my platform to give more than I can ever receive.” Tyler is an exemplary model of Amherst Madison’s philanthropic spirit, one who works hard and is sure to give equally. “We love everything about Boise and try to take advantage of all it has to offer. The future is hard to predict, but I will say that my focus and effort for Real Estate will only get better.

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