Intrinsically Aligned I The Robin Maxon Story

An Amherst Madison Agent Interview

Robin Maxon

“I set the tone of my day with a time of reflection, gratitude, and prayer. Staying in alignment with what is most important to me in life. Being my best self means living a life of service and authenticity.”

Robin Maxon has created a beautiful and abundant lifestyle with those who matter most to her. Her day to day living centers around becoming the best version of herself, developing purposeful connections (personally and professionally), and enjoying a peaceful homelife with the best ingredient sprinkled on top – simplicity. She has found her natural calling in who she is as a person rather than trying to figure out what to do in life which still managed to perfectly align her with a career as a REALTOR®.


"This is a life practice. I have had this with me for as long as I can remember. We were brought up to be thankful, to keep God in our thoughts, and call on help from the Divine every day; it is as automatic as the air I breathe. I experience some type of joy every day, even if only for a moment. I believe we all bring something meaningful to each other; it's a ripple effect."


Robin Maxon

Something that hasn't always come naturally to Robin has been truly knowing her own value. She had to challenge herself to really understand where her value came from within, what really resonated with her heart, and how to pursue something that would bring the best version of her to life regularly. Working in real estate has provided that firm foundation for her to continue growing and Amherst Madison has inspired her to be well rounded in her knowledge and professionalism. She is able to be her best self while helping clients with their hopes and desires in a home; knowing the essence they are seeking extends far past a couple bullet-points they have highlighted.


"It's a little like that quote, people won't remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel. I keep that in mind to make sure I am never limiting my client to just a list."

Robin Maxon

Robin grew up on a ranch in South Dakota. She has fond memories of her grandparents who taught with their actions and words to be kind and respectful to others. It was the type of upbringing that helped her flourish in her perception and build values that were honorable to live by.


"I was often with them when we went to visit a neighbor or vice versa, people were happy to see each other and share stories. There was a true community."

Taking a glimpse into the future, Robin has goals of uniting who she is, the ways she loves to help, and connecting others in a partnership that evolves around real estate. Her career is only one aspect of her lifestyle, but true success will mean that she is able to keep enjoying being of service to others while experiencing joy and freedom with her loved ones. If you have ever had the pleasure of meeting her, you know she is destined to do just that, and it will always be with a kind, warm smile.