New Beginnings I The Stacey Bittick Story

An Amherst Madison Agent Interview

Stacey Bittick

“Denise was able to help me relocate here from California. It was in the way she spoke about Amherst; the principles and level of professionalism…it was something that I wanted."

Who was Stacey Bittick? I didn’t know yet, but it was obvious she held a vibe. It was the kind of vibe that makes you instinctively curious; the kind that tells you there is a lot more under the calm and quiet exterior she exuded (with intention). When I broke that quiet exterior, I saw her intention was to go unnoticed, but it had the opposite effect as I yearned to know why. I knew she was someone that deserved to be noticed, and her humble nature emphasized it, leading me in to inquire.

Stacey was introduced to Amherst Madison by one of our Top Producers and Partners, Denise Abmont. She spoke of her endearingly,

“Denise was able to help me relocate here from California. It was in the way she spoke about Amherst; the principles and level of professionalism…it was something that I wanted. I interviewed and I wasn’t even licensed yet. I realized that I just loved everything Amherst had to offer.”

Her mind quickly wandered, sifting through memories that lined her path,

“My first day at Amherst Madison was in the old building in downtown Boise, and I was right next to Matt Bauscher. I was right next to THE Top Producing Agent in Idaho.” She laughed, “It is intimidating now that I think about it, but he was so nice, and I didn’t even know at the time.”

Stacey Bittick & Juliana Cantele

The desire for becoming a REALTOR® was personal for Stacey. Her and her husband experienced some prolonged hardships in their first home buying journey that left her feeling inspired to help make changes. She didn’t want others to go through what they went through. So, she latched onto the silver lining,

“It was this crazy, wild, and terrible experience – but it was amazing at the same time. We had a thirty-day escrow that turned into 72 days. We didn’t even get keys at the end; we had to break a window to get into our own house.”

The pride of homeownership was becoming more and more dear to her heart as she sought after her real estate license to help others attain their dream of owning a home.

She knew the life of becoming a REALTOR® wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, but the benefits of being a REALTOR® - were undoubtedly going to be beautiful. Stacey smiled,

“I get little blessings and things from my clients that reaffirm I am doing what I am supposed to be.”

She bowed her head in gratefulness and with sincere emotion,

“I helped a sweet little lady get into a mobile home. Her daughter text me thanking me, and she said that she hadn’t seen her mom that happy in a long time; not after her father had passed away. Little things like that, being able to touch and help people in that way – it makes it my calling.”

Stacey Bittick

It has become clear to me that Stacey has a giant soft heart, and she is full of empathy for others. She talks about who inspires her the most, and it is really no surprise to me that it is those who rely on her most and reenergize her heart; Max (6) and Mason (2).

“I have children that depend on me. I started out with 4-5 transactions per year but following Max’s birth, I knew I had to step up my game.”

Stacey didn’t just step it up, she doubled it that following year. She will tell you it’s that she didn’t have a choice, but in reality, it was that she chose to give it her all. Parenthood gave her the will to thrive onward as she developed a successful career to sustain a lifestyle suitable for her family.

Diving deeper, because that’s what we inherently do here, Stacey shares a story from before her and her husband had kids - that unravels us all to the core. She sturdies herself in her chair, bracing herself for the vision erupting from her past,

“We were broke, paying for gas and groceries on a credit card. We went through some very distinct winters, freezing because we couldn’t afford to turn the heat on. Those winters were cold, depressing, and hard on us as a couple.”

You could feel the cold air enter the room, it sent chills of an epiphany through your body – what if that was me in her shoes? Stacey lights the fire,

“Finally, I had 2-3 closings back-to-back. It felt awesome! We had saved up and got a pellet stove installed so we could have heat again.”

She was beginning to see and reap the rewards of her hard work.

Stacey Bittick

“Being able to provide others with homes and make ours better was the best celebration. It changed everything.”

Undeniably those changes required her to balance a busy schedule full of clients, random appointments, picking up her boys for sports, and putting dinner on the table at the end of it all - but she did it. Stacey knew she still needed to carve out time for herself, so she wasn’t filling everyone else’s cup without refilling her own. She had to find windows of opportunity to recenter, and she still does through prayer, reading, evaluating out in nature, or just shutting the door to her room where she can find clarity in moments of silence.

Not only is Stacey a mom, wife, and REALTOR® - she is an Amherst Madison Partner and Coach. Her first piece of coaching advice evolves around goals,

“If you’re considering it, then explore it further. I wish I had been coached in the beginning; I could have progressed way faster. What is your main purpose for it? Is it to get more transactions? Is it to focus on building your business? Dial in on it. Find someone you are compatible with who follows your beliefs and values.”

There was that vibe I initially noticed from Stacey, her intentions were pure and she was an open book, eager to pass on her knowledge if someone was seeking guidance.