About Us

Our Vision is a real estate brokerage whose primary function is to serve as a pillar of ideas, professionalism, and community.
A group of people who deal in humanity, not in transactions or tools. Professionals with heart.
A company built to last by people who care. Impassioned with the vitality and spirit of everything that encompasses the word “home”.
Amherst Madison was created to show people that a real estate brokerage can be more. More than the status quo. Instead, we can be connectors and creators; mavens; trusted advisors. Diligent and sincere members of a community who are more interested in building trust through lifelong relationships than in the dollar figure attached to their next sale.
People… this is a business about people and their stories. We are here to learn those stories and who knows, maybe we can even share a few of our own along the way.

THE Mission

 People First. Purpose Next. Profits Last.

We are here to challenge the status quo, which has frankly never been good enough.

We believe clients deserve more from their REALTOR®, REALTORS® deserve more from their brokerage, and the community deserves more from us all.

REALTORS® come here because they consider themselves to be trusted advisors to their clients, and
they want to put themselves in the best possible environment to ensure their success in meeting their
client’s needs. They are here because they love our industry and they believe in the power of home
ownership to transform lives. They are here to become the best version of themselves while seeking
economic abundance.

Amherst Madison exists to build meaningful partnerships with these REALTORS® in order that, together,
we may provide our clients with the experience they deserve.

THE Name

In college, one of the founders had a life-changing experience while volunteering for a children’s cancer organization. He was introduced to two children, a boy and a girl, battling Leukemia. The founder became absorbed in their lives & was blessed enough to watch them beat the odds (after years of struggle) and grow to be healthy adults. It is truly a life-changing experience to watch an innocent person grapple with something they do not understand and do not deserve.

It was during one of the many conversations about building a company that would have an“Impact” and have a “Mission” that the founders discussed the story of the children. Their story of bravery instantly resonated and it was decided that Amherst Madison would, thereafter, donate a portion of its profit and significant amounts of time to various charity organizations (or specific causes) that support the less fortunate.

The name needed to matter. It needed to stand for something above and beyond the business of profits.

So, how did they arrive at the name “Amherst Madison”? The boy who survived cancer was named “Amherst”, while the little girl’s name was “Madison”.

Who We are NOT

• We are not a hyper-growth company bound for merger, acquisition, or collapse.
• We are not a multi-level marketing firm, posing as a real estate brokerage.
• We are not a technology company, we are a people company.
• We are not a top-down business model who treats agents and customers as afterthoughts.
• We will not be driven or controlled by scarcity, scarcity is fear.
• We are not a transaction-driven organization.

Who we are

  • People first, purpose next, profits last
  • Challenge the status quo – “we have always done it this way” is not good enough
  • Professional services have no price point, expiration date, or down payment
  • Client relationships are the oxygen of our business
  • Quality over quantity – sustainable quantity is a result of consistent quality
  • Open doors & open hearts – abundance and love mean we share what we know
  • A rising tide lifts all boats

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"It's amazing what our agent did for us. Nothing was too much trouble; the professionalism and expertise were unparalleled in our experience (and we've bought and sold properties several times). There is a sincere care for the client and their needs that goes far beyond just making appointments and handling negotiations. Every step of the process we were informed and represented with transparency and attention to detail. No aspect of buying a home was overlooked including assistance with HOA, Insurance (for the home and appliances etc), liaising with our lender and the other party to ensure negotiations were perfectly timed and there was minimal risk. What a pro!"
Will Parker