Agents Press Release: Amherst Madison Appears on the Inc. 5000 List for the 4th Consecutive Year Inc. Magazine Reveals Annual List of America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—the Inc. 5000 For the 4th consecutive year, Amherst Madison Appears on the Inc. 5000, Ranking No. 1692 With Three-Year Revenue Growth of 271 Percent!   NEW YORK, August 17, 2021 – Inc. magazine today revealed that Amherst Madison is No. 1692 on its annual Inc. […]
Agents A Season of Growth As we make the shift from summer to fall, we find things to put away, and seek items to dig out from our closets and cabinets that kept our belongings safe during the summer heat. Memories sift in with every new season, bringing a little bit of heartache as we say goodbye to one for […]
Buyers When Is the Best Time to Buy a House? – Amherst Madison When Is the Best Time to Buy a House? If you’re planning to buy a house soon, you probably know already that timing is everything in the real estate market. So when is the best time to buy a house? It’s not just the time of year that matters most when it comes to getting […]
Buyers 10 Things to Know About Living in Idaho – Amherst Madison 10 Things to Know About Living in Idaho Thinking of moving to Idaho? Those who read up on the Gem State will quickly discover that it’s a whole lot more than just farmland and potatoes. Idaho is a majestic hidden gem known for its low cost of living, low crime rate, strong economy, and exciting […]
Agents 10 Tips for Buying in a Seller’s Market Buying in a Seller’s Market – The 2021 Guide for Home Buying The COVID-19 pandemic ruined many things around the world. But there’s one thing that improved — mortgage interest rates. Right now, interest rates are at historic lows and people are finding it easier than ever to qualify for a mortgage. However, with so […]
Buyers Why Home Inspection Is Needed For Buyers And Sellers Why Home Inspection is Needed for Buyers and Sellers Buying or selling a home can be a long process. An important part of that process is the home inspection, where a professional home inspector makes sure everything in the house is functioning properly and identifies needed repairs. Here at Amherst Madison, we’ve outlined our top […]
Buyers Homeowner’s Insurance: Understanding the Basics Homeowners Insurance: Understanding the Basics Anyone who has bought, owned, or is planning on buying a home ought to get at least a basic understanding of homeowners insurance and how it works. Read on for a speedy introductory education in homeowners insurance. What Is Homeowners Insurance? A homeowners insurance policy insures your home’s structure and […]
Buyers Why Home Inspection Is Needed For Buyers And Sellers Buying or selling a home can be a long process. An important part of that process is the home inspection where a professional makes sure everything in the house is functioning properly and identifies needed repairs. We outlined our top reasons why you don’t want to skip over this step. Home Inspections For Buyers In the case […]
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Buyers What Is Your Realtor Obligated to Do for You? If you’re wondering what exactly you can expect from working with a real estate agent, you’d do best to ask about the specific services an agent offers. However, there are certain things that agents are obligated to do for you, and many of them are actually legally mandated of agents. While some of these obligations […]
Buyers Trendy Remodeling Projects for 2018 With Good ROI If you’re planning on selling your home either soon or a few years down the line, these remodeling projects will offer you a good return on investment (ROI). If you’re planning on buying, you may want to keep an eye out for homes with these projects completed as you’re shopping. They can give you insight […]
Buyers What Do You Need from Your New Home? When you’re getting ready to shop for a new home, it can be difficult to know exactly what you should be looking for. One of the first things your real estate agent is going to ask you about so that they can help you find the right home for you is what you want and […]
Buyers The Real Estate Buyer’s Quick and Easy Etiquette Guide Not everyone is up to date on the unspoken rules of working with a real estate agent to buy a new home, commercial property, or plot of land. That’s alright, but it might pay to brush up on real estate agent etiquette even before you begin looking for an agent. Here are some simple tips […]
Buyers Thinking of Making the Real Estate Investment Plunge? Should You Be Looking at Residential or Commercial Properties? Real estate investment is a great way to create an income for yourself and to diversify your portfolio to provide stability for your financial future. There are several ways to invest in real estate. We’ll be comparing residential and commercial properties here, exploring the pros and cons of each type of property to help you […]
Buyers 6 Flaws You Should Overlook When Home Shopping Most people don’t go looking for a project house when they set out to buy a new home. You probably want something that won’t require a ton of work before it feels like your space, but there are some unsightly features that are worth overlooking, especially if you are hoping to score the deal of […]
Buyers How To Apply For A Home Loan If you’re a homeowner who needs a loan, it may be the right time to start seeking a mortgage. However, even though most requirements are similar, each application changes at some point or another. In this guide, we will be going through how to apply for a home loan, what you need and how to […]
Buyers Homeowner Association Explained Protecting Property Value and Harmonizing Community Quality of Life   A homeowner association (HOA) is an organized and legally regulated community with a commitment to maintaining the look, feel and function of planned housing developments, including gated neighborhoods and leased land segments. As a result, HOAs are usually (but not always) found in middle- to high-income […]
Buyers How to Choose a Realtor: 8 Steps Deciding to purchase a home is a big step in the right direction. Now you need to find a real estate agent who understands your requirements and works to find the perfect house under budget Here is your guide on how to choose a realtor.    1. Decide whether an agent or broker is appropriate […]
Buyers Buying VS Renting: What to Know and When to Take Action Buying vs Renting: Pros, Cons, and How to Take Action  If you’re ready to move, but you’re not sure if you want to buy or rent your next home, this post is for you. We will cover the costs of buying vs renting, as well as the pros and cons of renting or owning your […]
Buyers Real Estate Appraisals: What you Need to Know If you are a potential new homeowner, you’re probably already dreaming of all the space in your new space. Likewise, if you a current homeowner trying to sell, you’re likely thinking about the new kitchen in your forever home. Either way, the home appraisal process is perhaps the furthest thing from you mind. It’s not one […]
Buyers Low Inventory: 5 Reasons Why The Real Estate Market Isn’t Meeting Demand Over the past year, real estate inventory available in the market has continued to become more and more scarce. Since the economy is getting a bit better with time, more people are looking at purchasing a home but they are finding that there are not many available homes. These are a few reasons that have led to […]