Boise, Idaho – (Feb. 23, 2022) – A lot can happen in a year, most of us are well versed in this common knowledge. It is in the habit of looking back on a year where we are able to see ways that life has pushed us, slowed us down, blessed us, opened our eyes, led our hearts, and helped prepare us for a future that we sit on the brink of. We hold a year of insights in our hands with another seed already taking root, starting to develop what the next year may bring to bloom.

Numbers tend to be a main source of reflection in the real estate industry, showing us the recorded ties between supply and demand. However, evaluating our local housing market yields more information than just statistical patterns for home buyers and sellers. We look forward to and rely on end-of-year reports so that we may properly acknowledge and commend our top producing real estate agents here at Amherst Madison for their impressive productivity over the past 12 months.

The state of Idaho has over 12,000 REALTORS®. Amherst Madison Real Estate Advisors has developed professional partnerships with 161 of these amazing entrepreneurs. It is through Amherst Madison’s vision and mission as a brokerage that we have fostered true professionals who have become trusted advisors for their clients; resulting in 9 of our highly competitive agents landing a desired spot on the 2021 list of “Top 1% Real Estate Agents in Idaho.” Their iconic reputation here at Amherst Madison continues to pave the way for their fellow agents following in their footsteps.


Top 1% Agents In Idaho



#1:      Matt Bauscher – Amherst Madison Founding Partner I REALTOR®

#7:      Colton Yasinski – Amherst Madison Partner I REALTOR®

#24:    Debbie Pruett – Amherst Madison Partner I REALTOR

#28:    Katie McFerrin – Amherst Madison Partner I REALTOR®

#41:    Tina Richards – Amherst Madison Partner I REALTOR®

#50:    Tifni Pennecard – Amherst Madison Partner I REALTOR®

#97:    Joe Abmont – Amherst Madison Partner I REALTOR®

#99:    Julia Shoemaker – Amherst Madison Partner I REALTOR®

#106: Denise Abmont – Amherst Madison Partner I REALTOR®


Saying we are proud is an understatement. We are in absolute awe of who they are in their personal lives and what they bring to the table in their business environment on a regular basis. Our real estate agents have a passion that cannot be disputed, and a mindset that we continuously admire and learn from.

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