The News May 18, 2018

Welcoming Our Newest Partner – Matt Weston!

Today we have the privilege of introducing one of our newest Partners that has joined our team! He is joining us with an incredible wealth of experience in all things real estate, investment and “infill” development. His true passion is in the re-development and construction of Boise’s older neighborhoods with business partner, Shiloh Builders LLC. Oh yeah, he’s also an Ada County “Lifetime Circle of Excellence” Top Producer! We could go on and on but, let’s just introduce Matt Weston to the family! We can’t wait to work with you, Matt!


Hello, my name is Matt Weston and I have been a Realtor, investor, and residential “infill” developer for 18 years here in the Treasure Valley. I have extensive experience in all phases of residential real estate with light commercial sales. My goal is to deliver a stress free experience based on an in-depth understanding of the local market conditions and create a mission strategy to achieve the “best case scenario” for my clientele. I am proud to say my clientele base consists of very successful local builders, developers, investors, re-modeler’s, and many families that have made a multitude of successful transactions with me over the years. Because of them, I am an Ada County “Lifetime Circle of Excellence” Top Producer, and have been able to sustain success throughout all of the extreme market conditions of the last 18 years.


I strive to keep a balanced business book for my team that includes marketing re-sale properties, new construction, managing new subdivisions, and consulting & participation in new residential “infill” developments. We also provide note worthy real estate “Prospecting” for off market real estate to our buyers and investors. My personal passion is in the re-development and construction of Boise’s older neighborhoods with my business partner Shiloh Builders.


I am originally from Carson City NV, but came to Boise in 1994 to play football at Boise State. My work ethic was forged through my life long experience in team sports but especially college athletics.  Some of my most memorable experiences during this time were winning multiple conference championships at the perpetually nationally ranked Butte J.C. in Chico CA, and earning the conference defensive player of the year with All-America honors. In 1994 Pokey Allen gave me the opportunity to come to Boise State to earn my public affairs degree, but we also won a Big Sky Conference championship and reached the 1994 1AA National Championship. Overall, I learned that you can not do great things all by yourself, you always need help. But by always tying to help the others around you, you will find your success!


I spend my free-time with my kids, family, and friends and I am always trying to do something fun. Work hard and play hard is my motto!