Sellers March 21, 2017

Home Improvement Projects and Their Rates of Return

When remodeling your home, it is good to know which home improvement projects can give you a good rate of return when you sell it. There are projects that will just use your money and not give you any return, but there are those that will help you sell your house at a very good price; enabling you to recover all your remodeling costs as well as earn a higher value from the sale. And just because a project is costly, it doesn’t mean that it will fetch a high return.


So, just what projects should you focus on to get a high return? Here are a few of the highest-return earning remodeling projects:


  • Kitchen renovation

To most people, a kitchen is the hub of the home. Therefore, people are always looking forward to remodeling their kitchens. You do not have to spend so much money remodeling it. For example, instead of replacing cabinets, you can choose to reface them and as for kitchen appliances, you can buy those that are moderately cheap but unique.

According to the remodeling impact report, one can expect a 67% rate of return on a kitchen after remodeling it.


  • Front entry door

The front entry door is used day in day out. It becomes worn out with time and thus replacing it with a steel door will give your house a new and different look. Replacing the door is not an expensive project but the return on investment is great. According to the remodeling impact report, replacing a front door helps you recover 75% of the cost of remodeling.


  • New Siding

According to a certain remodeling magazine, new sliding is likely to get you a higher return on investment than investing in a bathroom or a kitchen. According to that magazine, investing in new sliding will help you recover 92.8% of your cost. To most homeowners, quality is important and thus replacing fiber cement with new vinyl sliding will do you a lot of good.


  • Bedroom remodeling

Having a romantic and spacious bedroom is very important to most people. In that case, you can turn your attic into a bedroom and trust that this is a great investment. Most people will get attracted to a unique bedroom and will be willing to give anything just to have it.


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